Telling your brand story through video

31st July 2020

The importance of making video content

We are living in an age of digital transformation, one where the power lies firmly in the hands of the consumer/employee and more often than not, they are engaging with online video content to inform and influence their decision making process.

"The most successful brands are those that can be great publishers and content creators, and provide innovative, relevant content for their audiences to consume,” Thierry Campet, global head of marketing communications at UBS Wealth Management.

In fact it is predicted that the average person will spend 100 minutes a day consuming video content online in 2021 and with the average video coming in at around 2 minutes in length that’s 50 videos a day being consumed online.

We are officially content junkies, and video is fast becoming the king of content.

So how can your business capitalise on this powerful tool going into 2021?

Substance before style.

Before you launch headfirst into becoming the next Steven Spielberg you need to step back and ask yourself – why are you creating video?

What business problem are you seeking to overcome? What are the business objectives? What are the results you wish to see from video?

Audience first approach

Great video is not about you, but rather it is about your audience. Video only works if it is targeted to them and their needs, pain points and motivations. It’s about adding value to their lives with video content that either works to entertain, educate or inspire them.

‘You’re no longer thinking of people as customers or clients; you’re only thinking of them as viewers’ Simon Shelley, Head of Industry News at ITN.

Great video is about finding the sweet spot between their minds and your message to ensure your content serves your audience in a way that is relevant to them and resonates with them in a way that feels authentic and human.

Frame your online video content with your buyer journey.

In today’s world it takes more than one video to stand out against the noise and rather than seeing your video strategy as a one hit wonder you should think like all the best recording artists and create a catalogue of video content that shows up across your various digital brand touchpoints.

  • Grab my attention with video content that tells the viewer who you are, what you do and why they should care. Share your story with the use of emotive storytelling underpinned by your unique brand values and purpose.
  • Educate me with content that teaches me how to use and get the best out of your products or service. Educate me on the people behind your brand, and why they do what they do.
  • Convince me with video content that showcases real life customers and their success stories that helps to iron out potential niggles and build positive intent and trust.

Ultimately you need to view your video content as a journey of discovery with each video elevating your brand in the eyes of your viewer with content strategically designed around their journey.

Be clear over clever

Video is a super powerful communication tool but with attention spans dropping you need to grab the attention of the viewer in the first 8 seconds. Once you have their attention you have approximately 1 minute to convey your message so we would recommend 1 singular core message per video that is clear on what you want the viewer to think, feel and do.

It’s important before you kick start production that all key stakeholders are aligned with the message and the narrative of how this will be told. Start with clarity and end with creative.

Video content that reflects your brand aesthetics

Video is a great medium that can truly enhance brand value and perceptions in the eyes of your audience. However done badly or ill thought out it can also damage your brand so its super important that the content you create reflects who you are, what you are about and what you want to be known for. I would advise that you think of 3 words that clearly describe who you are as this will underpin the style and creative approach to your video content. Whilst your videos may look different you want to create a consistent brand look, feel and aesthetic that is authentically you.

Online video content plan

Video can be an expensive investment but if you plan it well you can get big bang for your buck and optimize your content plan.

We always advise shooting for the future and maximize your shoot day. That is why it is more beneficial to think about your content needs in advance because you may be able to shoot 3 videos in one day rather than just one for no extra cost.

Think about how you plan to optimize your content for social media. A one day shoot can provide you with multiple social edits.


Video is a powerful tool that can be your hardest working salesperson, working 24/7, always on brand and on message but it takes a well thought out strategy to stand out online.

So, my advice would be, before you shout lights, camera, action take time to think about where video could add value to your business and your customers. Where could it free up the time of your workforce or help iron out customer objections. Used in the right way it can be a truly competitive differentiator.

If you are thinking of breaking into video in 2021 and need some help, get in contact and one of our video jedis will be happy to help you.