Covid Safe Production Policy

MHF take the health and safety of our clients, talent and crew very seriously more so in the current climate we find ourselves in.

We want to give you peace of mind that we have put in place measures to ensure we adhere to all the Government guidelines and local restrictions when it comes to being Covid compliant.  Ensuring we can come to film you in our studio or at your location without putting you at any risk.


Covid can last on paper for 24 hours, therefore we will avoid sending any paperwork including call sheets, scripts and will communicate everything virtually over email, Dropbox or Zoom.

We will consider the physical capacity of space in various locations to ensure we can shoot within the 2-meter ruling.

We will conduct a risk assessment prior to filming.

Shoot Day

Every person who will be attending the location will be required to e-sign the COVID-19 Health Declaration Form.

Everyone is asked to maintain a safe distance of about 2 meters from others whenever possible.

Production staff will be equipped with thermometer. All will be temperature tested upon arrival to set.

Production team will be lean and kept to an absolute minimum with multiskilled camera operator who can manage all the technical aspects of the production including lights, camera, action to avoid having anymore crew on site than is required.

If it is a bigger production, we assign one person to be responsible for sanitising the kit and surfaces. We wash and thoroughly dry hands on arrival and during the day at regular intervals. Alcohol based sanitisers are made available throughout the filming.

Crew members are expected to notify the production staff if they are feeling unwell in any way leading up to or during production.  Back up crew to be contact and deployed.

Should a Crew member feel ill before production begins or while on set will be asked to leave by production staff. We will operate a lean production team and all will be multi skilled to enable them to continue with production in the event of a colleague feeling unwell.

In terms of protective kit, we will follow the guidelines as outlined by the APA and is broken down into two tiers:

Tier 1 – Masks and gloves

Tier 2 & 3 – Enhanced PPE including visors and all body suits.

A hand-sanitizing station will be established on set. Use is encouraged for all throughout the day.

We will film in one location per day to minimise the risk of transmission.

All crew will travel alone in separate cars or if not possible at quiet times on public transport wearing PPE at al times.

All equipment, including MHF-owned equipment, will be sanitized the evening before a shoot begins.

Before and after filming, staff will wipe down frequently touched surfaces in the filming area.

We will utilise boom mic rather than lavaliere mic to minimize contact with contributor/talent