Video Animation Agency in London

We are a video animation agency proud to operate in London, which helps several businesses and brands to achieve their marketing goals by providing experience in engaging key messages through animated explainer videos.

Animated videos can help all types of businesses, from all over the world, in different ways. They have the ability to bring any concept to life and can be used for social media posts, website traffic generations and live enquiries.

Animation is an effective way of creating key messages for video content, even with just a 30 seconds video, as is the case for most social media channels. We specialise in animated video services for small and big businesses. The experience of our team stems from the production of over 250 high-quality videos for our clients.

The cornerstone of MHF creative – we are the main animated video production agency operating in London and the surrounding areas. We produce professional and compelling animations that allow our clients to build and spread their core values across their desired demographic.

Your business can achieve its goals by promoting the animated explainer video, which better reflects and describes the main intent, by potentially reaching the corporates or customers most interested in purchasing your products or services.

Corporate Animated Video Production

In 2020, producing high-quality video for promotional ads is the most requested service, especially when the main focus and alternative to standard video is animation!

Currently, the main functionality of promoting an animated video, is the fact that it can be analysed when running an advert as well as gives full insight in terms of view rates %, bounce rate % and engagement rate %.

The animation is definitely eye-catching – but avoid typical animation video duplications, as happens in the thousands of videos available on the internet.

When running paid ads, it can be very helpful on platforms such as Instagram or Facebook. Animation videos allow the advertisers to reduce effectively the cost per click, making it lower compared to standard video advertisement of YouTube or Vimeo, for example.  It guarantees a higher quality score for the adverts due to the higher percentage of engagement.

See previous animated creations we have developed for our clients.

Contact us if you need any help in creating corporate videos in London and surrounding areas. We would be happy to help!