Cafe de Paris

The Client

Maxwells Group is an established company in the hospitality sector which owns and operates a group of unique restaurant, bar and club concepts in London. After work creating video content for some of Maxwells other venues, this time we were asked to produce video at their prestigious Cafe de Paris venue.

The Challenge

To launch their new Disco54 night at London’s prestigious Cafe de Paris club, Maxwells needed video content that would create a buzz on social media. The video needed to capture the essence of the night but had to be shot in advance of the actual launch. The challenge here was to tell the story of a night that hadn’t yet happened.

Our Approach

Rather than hire hundreds of lucky extras, we worked with Cafe de Paris and the performers, who make Disco54 such a special event, to create the ambience of night for the cameras. Over a day of filming around the venue we shot various different scenes and from these we produced a minute long promotional video and four 15 second edits. All set to upbeat disco tunes, we wanted to create videos with an exciting pace and which emphasised the huge variety of performances that set Disco54 apart in the London nightlife scene.

The Results

This is the second time we have worked with the MHF Creative team and we were not disappointed. Their professionalism, person-ability and creative style are exactly what we were looking for. We used them for our new Disco 54 event concept at Cafe de Paris in London and the results have been outstanding.

Craig Woodley, Group Head of Marketing