Our Services

At MHF Creative we pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise throughout the entirety of video production. We can carry out with any and all stages of the production process, which means that we can produce video content for any number of uses. Whilst it’s best to get in touch so we can talk about your specific needs, the services below offer a summary of some of the areas of video work in.

Promotional Video

The phrase ‘Promotional Video’ covers a lot of what we do here at MHF Creative. Whether it’s promoting a product, promoting an event or promoting a brand or business and their values. We believe in getting to know the people, products and brands we are tasked with promoting and that this how we are able to do our best work.


Animation is one of our great passions at MHF Creative and offers huge opportunity for businesses and brands. Using animation to tell stories, explain products and services and strengthen your brand is a powerful way to stand out. We work across 2D animation, 3D animation and love integrating animation and motion graphics into our live action films too.

Social Video

As Social Media continues to grow into a larger part of the marketing mix, video is the clear and obvious way to succeed on social platforms. Short, snappy and shareable video is our specialty and to produce it was one of the reasons we were started in the first place. Whether it’s square or vertical, live action or animation, Instagram or LinkedIn, we produce Social Video that bursts out of the feed and gets results.


We produce creative content for events, exhibitions and conferences. Whether it’s highlights videos, testimonials, live talks and sessions or event photography, we do it all. We pride ourselves on producing exciting, engaging events videos which allow the viewer to experience the buzz of the event.

Corporate Video

Corporate videos have changed and at the same time become even more important. Video is the best way for businesses to communicate with their customers, their employees and their markets but these days corporate and B2B viewers expect video which is authentic, exciting and gets straight to the point.


We love stills just as much as video at MHF Creative and are aware that even in The Age of Video, photography can still be just as, if not more, powerful when used correctly. We shoot events, products, portraits, offices, headshots and anything else you require.

Anything Else?

Looking for something that isn’t listed here? There’s a very good chance we do it.

Why not get in contact and ask us about your specific brief?