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A showcase of how we are helping brands and businesses communicate with their audiences using animation to enhance their messaging.

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Animation is becoming a more and more popular way of businesses of all shapes and sizes to communicate a message with their audience.  Animation video production can be created effectively or any size of budget, ranging from stock footage videos, kinetic text videos to higher end pure play animation videos and characters.  

And it doesnt matter what industry you sit in - we have made animation videos for Universities, corporate travel websites, recruitment software companies and many more.  Check out a selection of our animation video case studies below:

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We will work with you to understand your animation video brief and budget and look at ways in which we can help you create engaging animated video content that excites and educates your audience.

We will advise you on how to optimise your video content for the greatest return on investment - this could be through the creation of short social media videos, our aim is to always maximise our video output.

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Animation Video Production Process


After we receive your animated video brief we will arrange a call with you to understand more why you want to make a animation video.  

We will reverse engineer the process and seek to understand what results you would like to see the video drive and who the video needs to speak to.

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Animation Video Production Process

Creative Treatment

Once we understand your business goals and objectives we will go away and research different ways in which we could communicate your message through the medium of animation. 

This will involve looking at what your competitors are doing from a video content perspective, loooking at the latest innovative videos across brands outside of your sector and pulling from our own video library to come up with a video concept that works for you.

Sending an email

Animation Video Production Process

Animation Video Proposal

We will then send you an animation video production proposal clearly outlining the video concept we put forward, the animation styles we feel will work best and the associated costs to make.

The proposal will also clearly outline key stages in the video production process so you know from the beginning what to expect.

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Animation Video Production Process

Animation Creation

If we are lucky enough to win the pitch we will appoint one of our animators to start turning your business message into a visually engaging video that delivers on your core objectives.

This will begin with us creating a storyboard and script for you to sign off then hiring voiceover over talent and choosing music that the animation withh be edited to. 

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Animation Video Production Process


Once we have built the first version of the animated video we will send it via vimeo for you and all key business stakeholders to watch and provide feedback on. 

At this stage there will be 3 allotted rounds of amends so that we ensure you end up with an animated video that you are happy with.

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