Animation Video Production Services

Animated explainer video by MHF video Production


Why use animation videos?

Animated videos are a cost effective and flexible way of communicating your message to your target audience. 

They can be tailored to your budget requirements, ranging from simple animated text videos to more labour intensive and highly skilled 3D animations.

You can breakdown complex messaging into simple engaging stories that do not require production schedules, large crews, actors or expensive reshoots should your messaging need updated.

It is diverse, inclusive, non gender specific and fully customisable to your brand guidelines. 



Why choose mhf?

We translate complex ideas and communications into engaging, eye catching animations that are informative and educational. 

Our team of talented animators will guide you through the animation process from idea, to storyboard, to completed animated video. We will work with you to create a visual world that represents you and your brand and delivers on your business objectives.

Animated explainer video for true honey


How much does an animation video cost?

It depends on the type of animation you want to make. Pricing a video animation project generally comes down to two variables, skill and time.  The more skill and time required to make your video, the more expensive it will be.

A 3D animated video will inevitably be more expensive than an animated text video. However there is a creative animation solution out there for every budget.


Animation Showreel

A showcase of how we are helping brands and businesses communicate with their audiences using animation to enhance their messaging.

Do you need animation to simplify complex messages?

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