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Increase Engagement and Conversions with Animation

At MHF Creative, we specialise in bringing your brand's vision to life through dynamic and engaging animations. Whether it's explainer videos, motion graphics, or character animations, our animated content effectively communicates complex ideas and captures your audience's imagination. This creative approach showcases your brand's unique qualities, boosting engagement and conversions. Our animation expertise helps clients distinguish themselves in competitive markets, enhancing brand visibility and fostering customer loyalty.


Enhance Understanding with Explainer Animations

Engage your audience and simplify complex ideas with our expertly crafted explainer animations. These animated videos break down intricate concepts into easily digestible visuals, making your message clear and memorable. Ideal for product demonstrations, service overviews, and educational content, explainer animations are proven to increase understanding and retention, driving better results for your brand.


Amplify Impact by Integrating Animation with Live Footage

Take your marketing to the next level by blending animation with live-action footage. This powerful combination enhances storytelling, adds dynamic visual interest, and reinforces your message. Whether it's highlighting key features, adding animated overlays, or creating stunning visual effects, integrating animation with filmed footage captivates viewers and boosts engagement, helping your brand stand out in a crowded market.


Educate Your Clients On Your Software 

Experience the effectiveness of software walkthrough animation videos, designed to guide and educate viewers on software functionalities step-by-step. These videos provide a visual and interactive approach to understanding complex software features, making learning intuitive and engaging. Whether you're exploring basic functionalities or mastering advanced tools, our walkthrough animations empower you to maximize productivity and leverage software capabilities effectively.

Our Recent Animation Videos

Why Choose Us?

At MHF, we work with top illustrators and animators globally, offering more than just animated video production. From motion graphics to 2D animation, our expertise covers a wide range of video types from explainer to product demo to live-action brand videos, training, and software walkthrough videos.

We're not just a team of animators we're here to be your creative partner committed to your success. Drawing from our wealth of experience, we transform your ideas into engaging animations that not only captivate your audience but also ensure your message is delivered with impact.

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Our Animation Process


The animation processject begins with an in-depth exploration of your business requirements. We delve into the intricacies of the challenge at hand, thoroughly examining key elements such as your target audience, business objectives, and the critical core message that requires effective communication. This comprehensive discovery phase allows us to gain a profound understanding of your project's unique needs and sets the foundation for a successful animation journey.

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From scripting to editing, our versatile animation video services cover the entire spectrum of your video project's needs. We have the capability to create scripts from scratch, ensuring they effectively convey your message and engage your audience.

Alternatively, if you already have a script in hand, we can collaborate with you to refine and enhance it, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your vision and objectives. 

Its important to note that before we can move to the next stage of the animation process - the script must be fully signed off by all key stakeholders.

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Visual Asset Development

During the "Visual Asset Development" phase of the creative process, our team either design custom illustrations in partnership with your design team or source appropriate stock graphics, depending on the project's budget and requirements.

This step ensures that the visual elements align seamlessly with the script and storyboard, creating a cohesive and engaging visual narrative for your animated explainer video.

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The storyboard stage is a pivotal phase in animation and video production, where the narrative begins to take visual form. It involves sequencing scenes, detailing shots, and may include rough illustrations or visual elements. Collaboration with clients ensures alignment with their vision, and revisions are common to achieve the desired clarity and flow. The storyboard serves as a crucial blueprint for the project, guiding the entire animation production team.

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Voice Casting

Our extensive roster of skilled voice artists provides you with the flexibility to choose the ideal voice, gender, and language for your explainer video. Whether you prefer to source suitable voices or utilise existing voiceover talent, we can accommodate your preferences.

Additionally, we can send you a range of voice auditions where artists read a sample line from the finalised script, helping you make an informed selection for your project.

Once you select your preferred voice we will send the script to the voiceover artist to record a couple of read throughs.

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Animating the Vision

In this pivotal stage, we work our animation magic, transforming static illustrations into dynamic visuals. We seamlessly blend the script, custom or stock illustrations, and the selected voiceover to craft a compelling storyline.

Through expert animation techniques, we bring your vision to life, creating an engaging and immersive animated explainer video that captivates your audience while effectively conveying your message.

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Elevating the Auditory Experience

During the Sound Enhancement phase, we offer flexibility based on your chosen package. We can either curate high-quality royalty-free audio tracks or compose and produce original music tailored to your animated explainer video.

We will also add sound effects that are designed to elevate the auditory experience, ensuring that the sound complements the visuals seamlessly, resulting in a captivating and memorable viewer experience.


What are the benefits of animated videos?

Animated videos can become a significant part of your business’s strategy in terms of marketing, training, and brand awareness. 

They allow businesses to break new or difficult concepts into manageable and meaningful pieces. Explainer videos are especially helpful in launching services and communicating information in a way that wouldn’t be achievable through live video or unanimated content. 

They are highly shareable and consumable, making them the ideal media for social media channels. This means that they have the highest potential of going viral and reaching out to a broader audience. 

They can be customised to your unique brand’s identity, making them recognisable and more tightly connected to the business’s goals.

How long should my animated video be?

There is no clear rule when it comes to producing animated videos. However, as an animated video production company, we ensure our clients receive the best possible video length for their objective and chosen platform. Ideally, your animated video should be short. 

The majority of video animations sit between 10 and 90 seconds long. If you need an animated video for an ad, this can be under 10 seconds long. Short format videos are growing in popularity in 2023. If you need an animated video explainer, it is likely to be around 60 seconds or longer. 

Our team of experts will work closely with each client to understand the purpose behind each animated video project and ensure we can provide you with the right video length. Depending on your needs, we may suggest producing more than one animated video to cater to different length requirements without losing valuable content. 

How long does it take to produce an animated video?

Contrary to shooting an Instagram reel or a Tiktok video with your phone, producing a professional animated video is not an overnight process. As an animated video production company, we aim to produce all animated projects, including voiceover and subtitles, within 6 to 8 weeks. 

Is it possible to rebrand my animated video?

When we work with clients, we ensure we can keep all relevant files in storage for a few years after completion. This ensures we can help with rebranding your existing animated video to match your new brand identity. 

If we do not have your video files in storage or did not produce the video in the first place, we may suggest producing new animated videos that will match your current branding guidelines and voice. 

Why do organisations make animated videos?

There are many reasons why animated videos for business are so popular. But the first and more obvious reason for adding an animated video to your communication portfolio is engagement. Videos are one of the preferred types of media and they are more digestible than other digital formats. As such, with animated video production services, businesses are more likely to capture their audience’s attention and share their content in a memorable and effective way

Animated videos present a huge advantage for digital scalability. As they can be tailored to your unique brand, they immediately establish your unique identity. They can be easily customised to suit different platforms and audience languages, making them the perfect communication tool.

What are the key benefits of using 2D character story animation for explainer videos?

2D character story animation is a highly popular choice for explainer videos due to its simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and versatility. It excels at simplifying complex ideas, engaging audiences emotionally through relatable characters, and delivering clear and memorable messages. Its budget-friendly nature and shorter production times make it an ideal option for businesses and organisations seeking high-quality explainer videos without extensive investments. Additionally, 2D animation's universal appeal and accessibility across various devices ensure that the message reaches a broad and diverse audience effectively.

How can animation be tailored to suit different target audiences and industries?

Animation is highly adaptable and can be tailored to suit different industries and target audiences. For instance, while 2D explainer animation may be perfect for a simplyfying complex tech software a corporate presentation video may benefit more from sleek motion graphics. Animation allows businesses to customise the visual style, tone, and messaging to resonate with their specific audience's preferences and expectations. This versatility ensures that the animated content aligns with the brand's identity and the audience's interests.

What are the creative possibilities offered by combining live-action footage with animation in video production?

The creative possibilities offered by combining live-action footage with animation in video production are immense. This hybrid approach allows businesses to add animated elements to real-world scenarios, enhancing storytelling and visual appeal. It creates a seamless blend between the physical and digital realms, making the content more relatable and engaging. For instance, live-action actors can interact with animated characters or objects, adding charm and uniqueness to the video. This creative fusion opens doors to innovative storytelling and visually striking explainer videos that resonate with viewers.

Are animation videos expensive?

Here at MHF Creative we pride ourselves on our competitive pricing. To find out how much our animation video services cost get in touch and we will provide you a bespoke quote.

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