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Headshot photography featuring female laughing


What is Corporate Photography?

Corporate Photography is all about capturing the essence of who you are and your brand personality to help engage prospective customers, clients and employees. 

It can be used on your website, marketing materials and social media to show the human side of your business and ultimately build trust with prospective clients, investors and candidates.  Its a cliche but people buy people so good quality corporate photgraphy can give your business an edge over your competiton.

Corporate event photography featuring Devops team on stage


Why is Corporate Photography Important?

The more businesses go digital, the more important it is to show your human side. Corporate photography invites people into your business giving them a window into what you are all about as a brand and culture, breaking down any preconceptions and helping to build trust.  

Personal brand is becoming such an important factor of how we are perceived and your business is no different.  Its therefore important to work with a high quality photographer who will work with you to create imagery that captures the soul of your brand with photographs that are evergreen and can be optimised across your website and content marketing materials.


Corporate evetn photography featuring school children at Bett London


How much is corporate photography?

We charge a flat day rate of £1000 for corporate photography which will get you around 200 high quality photographs that will be stored on a cloud based digital gallery for you to access as and when you need for all your marketing needs.

Devops Event Photography of their founder Gene Kim on stage
Office and Culture Photography of employees at computers
Event Photography at BETT London featuring the google stand
Event Photography at BETT capturing the interactions of the attendees
Corporate Photography featuring 2 male employees of Yodel mobile
Business Photography showcasing the founders of the MHF Video Production Company.
Corporate photography of female Headshot in Black and White
Event Photography capturing an attendee using a virtual headset at BETT.
Photography in motion shot from the BETT event
Team Photograph of the Yodel Mobile Agency
Corporate Photography for Grays Inn Employer Brand Campaign
Event photography capturing a panel of experts on stage speaking at Devops London
Speaker at event laughing
Event Photography showcasing crowds and interactions
Business Photography to market the Egencia Business Partnerships Program
Photography in motion at an event showcasing the latest innovations in education
Photography of Brian Cox on stage at the Bett London Event
Corporate Headshot for Yodel Mobile Agency
Corporate Photography for Grays Inn
Corporate Photography Headshot for Grays Inn
Event Photography of presenter at DevOps London
Corporate photography at Bett London featuring their sponsor Lenovo
Event photography from a panel discussion at Devops London
Event photography at Bett London featuring people in conversation
Business Photography for MHF Marketing Materials
Event Photography showcasing a business interaction
Corporate photography Headshot for Pure London showcasing one of their exhibitors Paul James

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