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MHF specialise in making authentic recruitment video content for clients across the UK and abroad that helps them to attract the talent they need today to grow their brand for tomorrow.


Employer branding and recruitment video production showreel.

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Reach more candidates with recruitment video.

Recruitment marketing video content can help your talent acquistion and recruitment team reach more candidates online than a standard job posting due to video's inherent ability to be shared via targeted paids ads and organic social sharing to attract the attention of passive candidates online and drive them to your careers website.

Recruitment video content featuring employees is more likely to be shared by their colleagues and leaders across their various social media platforms helping to increase employee advocacy and trust.

Handle Recruitment Employer Branding Video Campaign
Employer brand video showcasing an interview taking place in Handle Recruitment office London

Attract candidates who are a good cultural fit.

Recruitment and employer branding video content can help you show your brand, culture and values in action.  This gives potential candidates a window into your world and giving them insight into the people they will be working alongside helping them to make a better informed decision on whether they would thrive in your organisation.  Saving your recruitment team money and time in the long run.

Yodel Employer Brand Case Study
Employer branding video production for Yodel Mobile

Enhance the candidate experience with educational recruitment video.

Video content that sits on your careers website hub can help inform and educate the candidate throughout the various stages of their recruitment journey from awareness - consideration - decision - hiring - onboarding.

Corporate recruitment video content can provide great insight on your recruitment process, typical interview questions and answer all the most common questions that are asked providing a much more transparent and engaging candidate experience.

Grays Inn Recruitment Marketing Video Campaign
Recruitment marketing video content for Handle recruitment

Stand out as an Employer of Choice with recruitment video marketing that shows your employer brand.

Candidates and employees are becoming much more aware of working with companies with fair and ethical employment practices.  They want to know how you treat employees and whether your culture stands up to the values you put on the wall.  Recruitment and talent brand video content enables you to show and reinforce your culture rather than tell helping you to stand out above your competition and win the war for talent, 


Team photograph of yodel mobile.

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MHF Video Production founders Matt and Ciara


Why choose MHF as your recruitment video production company?

Our background in creative media, corporate HR and recruitment places us at a distinct advantage in understanding your talent challenges and the opportunities that recruitment video marketing can bring to your business helping you to attract, engage and hire the best talent. 

We are here to partner with you and shape your employer brand with high quality story driven video content that shows the culture, people and pulse of your company, the successes and the challenges, helping candidates find their place in your business.

Corporate photography for Pure London


Our recruitment video production process.

We will partner with your HR, Marketing and Talent Acquisition teams to fully understand your employer branding and recruitment goals, pain points, employee personas, culture and EVP.

We will craft you an employer brand video content campaign that is aligned to your needs and the motivations of your desired target audience.

So whether you need to attract more digital talent to your business, drive traffic to your careers website, change  perceptions of your employer brand or educate your audience on your recruitment process we have a creative video content solution that will deliver you business results.

corporate video production for Expedia Group Germany


Why produce a recruitment video?

To attract the best talent is an absolute must for any company to remain successful in a competitive digital world.  Brands need to reimagine what it means to be an employer and show their desired ideal candidates what its really like to work with you, what you stand for and what it takes to thrive in your culture. 

Candidates are researching your company on Glassdoor and social media so video content that sits on your careers website and social media gives you the opportunity to shape their perceptions by sharing the real life stories behind your employer brand and make you stand out as an employer of choice.

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