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Recruitment Video Production Services

To have the edge in today's candidate driven talent market, recruitment managers and talent acquisition professionals need to start thinking like marketers.  Recruitment video production is a great way to differentiate your candidate experience and communicate your employee value proposition to passive candidates in the same way that marketers do to customers.

Below are some of the recruitment video production services we offer to help you deliver a modern hiring experience.

Why Work With Us To Make Your Corporate Recruitment Video Production?

We will work in partnership with you to make you recruitment video content that works to serve your recruitment needs whether that be to communicate your EVP in an interesting way, share the stories of your employees or to scale your leadership messages.  

Our approach is to listen and learn all about you and your desired target audience. We will bounce back and forth creative ideas and share our past learnings and experience of what's worked well in previous recruitment video productions ensuring we deliver a recruitment video production process that is streamlined and seamless for you.

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We briefed 3 different companies and chose MHF because we felt that they understood our brief straight away. There was immediate positive chemistry and a strong sense of confidence right form the start that they would deliver what we were looking for.

Sophie Brown

Head of Marketing Huws Gray

It was just a very positive experience. Ultimately we were both working to deliver a particular type of content for our client and I always felt we were on the same page. Our consultancy strives for excellence - we are only 18 months old but have already won around eight industry awards - and I felt that mhf more than delivered against our quality benchmarks. The finished results were excellent.

Leigh Greenwood

Managing Director Evergreen PR

They had the foresight to communicate points that we might like to include and not to just work to brief. They went that extra mile and took the time to understand our business, the way we work and the people behind it so that our values were truly reflected in the video.

Shamal Kumal

Handle Recruitment

Recruitment Video Case Studies

We make recruitment video content solutions that are bespoke to your specific business needs.  Each recruitment video campaign is designed to overcome particular recruitment challenges whether that be to change perceptions, drive candidates to the careers website or show your inclusive and diverse corporate culture.  Whatever your needs we will work with you to carefully craft a recruitment video campaign that speaks directly to your desired talent audience.

Take a look at some of our most recent video recruitment case studies to see our recruitment marketing video content in action.

Recruitment Video Production FAQs

How Much Does A Recruitment Video Production Cost?

The cost of a corporate recruitment video depends on the production values that go into it.  The production values are the elements that help determine the look and feel of the final video.  These can range from the number of locations or people that need to be filmed, the quality of the cameras and lenses used, the number of days that are needed to capture all the recruitment video content.

As your recruitment video production company we will listen to your needs and give you an indication of the associated costs however if the costs fall outside your video production budget we can advise on ways in which we can lower the cost to production without hurting the overall look and feel of the video.

How Does The Recruitment Video Production Process Work?

Every project begins with a video production brief if you do not currently have one you can fill in our recruitment video briefing document.

The project will begin with initial discovery, positioning, creative ideas and costs.

Once agreed the project will move into pre-production where we finalise creative, shots, logisitcs and preparation of video participants.

The next stage is filming where we will take care of all aspects of the day and will try our best to stick to the filming day plan.

Once filming is concluded we move into post production where your recruitment video content is edited together into an engaging video and you will be allocated 3 rounds of amends to make necessary changes.

Our Recruitment Video Production Insights

We understand that our clients do not come from video production backgrounds and the process can sometimes feel overwhelming.  

While you are gathering your thoughts why not have a read through some of our insights and blogs on corporate recruitment video production and some top tips how to bring your organisation to life in the eyes of your ideal candidate. 

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