Recruitment Video Production Services That Make Your Employer Brand Stand Out

Recruitment video production services that help show that not only are you a great brand but a great company to work for.


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Student Recruitment Marketing Video Campaign - Gray's Inn

Where will your career journey take you?

case study

Recruitment Attraction Video Campaign - Outside Clinic

case study

Employer Branding Video Campaign - Handle Recruitment

Employer Branding and Recruitment Video Campaign

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Promotional Video & Photography - Yodel Mobile

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Employer Branding and Marketing Video Campaign - Cass Art

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MHF Video Production founders Matt and Ciara


Why choose MHF as your recruitment video production company?

Our background in creative media, HR and recruitment places us at a distinct advantage in understanding your talent challenges and the opportunities that recruitment video production and marketing can bring to your business helping you to attract, engage and hire the best talent. 

We are here to partner with you through every step of the video production process and help you shape your employer brand with high quality storytelling  video content that works in alignment with your wider recruitment business objectives.

Corporate photography for Pure London


Our recruitment video production process.

We will partner with your HR, Marketing and Talent Acquisition teams to fully understand your employer branding and recruitment goals, pain points, employee personas, culture and EVP.

We will craft you an employer brand video content campaign that is aligned to your needs and the motivations of your desired target audience.

So whether you need to attract more digital talent to your business, drive traffic to your careers website, change  perceptions of your employer brand or educate your audience on your recruitment process we have a creative video content solution that will deliver you business results.

Handle interview

Recruitment video production benefits

Use your video as part of an organic and paid media  to reach passive talent.

Improve turnover by attracting candidate wo can self inform on culture fit.

Save on recruitment agency fees by building a sustainable talent pipeline.

Stand out against your competitors.

Improve the candidate experience with video content in the job description.

Add video to email marketing to keep your talent pool engaged.

We did detailed research, searching for video companies that had experience of employer brand work and touching base with providers that we had worked with in the past. We reviewed content from 10+ providers, had Zoom calls with five and got a really good feeling about mhf from the beginning.

Leigh Greenwood

PR Director Evergreen PR

Brand Culture Video

Video content that shows your culture and connects your teams with your mission, purpose and values.  Giving candidates an opportunity to see what it would be like to work for you and enable them to make an informed decision as to whether they would 'fit in' your culture. 

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Young Grays Inn Barrister

Employee Value Proposition Video

Showcase the what you offer to candidates in exchange for working with you.  Real employee stories aligned to each pillar of your EVP helps ground it in truth going beyond merely words on a wall, helping candidates understand it and believe in it.

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Optometrist in car visiting a patient

Career Pathway Storytelling Video

Show the different subcultures and teams within your organisation and share the experience of your employees within this team and what they love about their role helping to engage candidates with similar motivations and aspirations.  It also helps them to understand the subculture environment and what to expect if they join this team.

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Barrister for Army Legal Services

Leadership Video Content

Show candidates intimate portraits of your leadership team and their unique personality.  Share their motivations, aspirations and human side to connect on an emotional level beyond that of their title.

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Lady Hale

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The key to effective film is not what you’re saying or how you’re saying it.

It’s understanding who you’re saying it to.

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Our Recruitment Video Production Insights

We understand that our clients do not come from video production backgrounds and the process can sometimes feel overwhelming.  We understand you want to work with a video production company that you feel is a good fit for you and can deliver on your business goals.

While you are gathering your thoughts why not have a read through some of our insights and blogs on recruitment video production and some top tips to bring your organisation to life in the eyes of your ideal candidate. 

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