Recruitment Marketing Video Campaign - Outside Clinic


Outside Clinic Employer Branding Hero Video.

This video was the Hero video that raises awareness about the Outside Clinic and gives the viewer an insight into their employer brand. 

The video edits together the stories of 4 optometrists who work for Outside Clinic, sharing their experiences of the role and the positive impacts its had on their day to day lives.

Get Great Stories From Your Employees

As your video production company we understand that your culture doesn't just exist within the walls of your office but within the stories and experiences of your employees wherever they happen to work.

In this video campaign we focused on the role of the Optometrists who work remotely and on the road visiting patients.  Each video story focuses on a key element of the Outside Clinic employee value proposition, giving space to each individual story illustrating both the personal and professional impact working at Outside Clinic can have. 

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Jaclyn Super Optom playing hockey in her time off work