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How to make a corporate video – our guide to the video production process
16th April 2021

What is a video production process? … The video production process is broken down into 4 main areas, discovery where your video production partner is learning about your video project and needs…

How to write a video production brief
9th April 2021

How to write a video production brief? … To create a great corporate video that generates business results and delivers you a good return on your investment you need to write a super clear video…

How to use video content to amplify your employer brand
9th April 2021

What is employer branding? … It is your company’s reputation and identity as perceived through the eyes of your prospective candidates and employees.  The goal of a strong employer brand is to…

Optimise your sales funnel with video content
17th March 2021

Video is a powerful medium that can help move your customers through the sales funnel all the while building connections and trust with your brand.  In fact, 90% of customers say that video helps…

Top tips to help you nail your on camera interview
17th March 2021

We understand that not everyone enjoys speaking on camera and for many, it can feel a bit daunting. But we want you to feel as comfortable and prepared as possible for your ‘close up’, so here are…

MHF named one of the top video production providers in UK for 2021
15th March 2021

Our company’s passion is creating films! We believe a great video is something that will make the audience think something, feel something and ultimately, do something. This has been our goal for…

A guide to video content marketing strategy
7th September 2020

Producing video content is one of the most powerful ways for a company to communicate their message to their desired audience.  But without a video content marketing strategy, the fruits of your…

Telling your brand story through video
31st July 2020

Your brand story is more important than you think. With it, you can engage on an emotional level with your target audience, showing them who you are, what you stand for, and what you can do for them.

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