Corporate Video Production Insights and Guides

Deconstructed Animation vs. Screen Recording Animation for Your SaaS Platform
9th May 2024

Introduction to Animation in SaaS Marketing … As the founder of a video production company specialising in animation for SaaS platforms, I’ve witnessed a noticeable uptick in brands seeking not only…

The Difference Between a Video Production Company, Video Production Agency and a Videographer
8th April 2024

Confused by videographers, video production companies, and video production agencies? This blog cuts through the jargon, explaining the unique strengths of each. Learn how to pick the perfect partner to bring your video vision to life, whether it's a simple capture or a strategic marketing tool.

Don't Let Your Videos Get Lost in Translation: A Guide to Transcription
5th April 2024

This guide dives into the power of transcription - providing text versions of your videos' audio. You'll learn how transcripts make your videos more accessible, boost SEO for better discoverability, enhance the viewer experience, and allow you to repurpose content for greater reach. From choosing the right transcription service to leveraging a full-service video production agency, this guide equips you with strategies to maximise your videos' impact.

Video Marketing for Corporate Travel: Attract High-Value Travelers & Engage Busy Travel Managers
4th April 2024

This comprehensive guide reveals how to leverage video marketing's unmatched power to inspire wanderlust in frequent flyers through visual storytelling while simultaneously showcasing cutting-edge travel tech capabilities to win over corporate clients. Master the strategies to thrive in today's competitive corporate travel landscape.

Stop Scrolling, Start Converting: How a Video Production Agency Can Supercharge Your Lead Generation
3rd April 2024

Struggling to capture quality leads and command their attention? This article reveals the secrets to leveraging video as the ultimate lead generation engine. From irresistible gated video lead magnets to nurturing with personalised video emails - you'll uncover proven tactics to captivate prospects and accelerate their journey to becoming customers.

Crafting a YouTube Video Ad Strategy: The Comprehensive Guide
25th March 2024

Unleash the power of YouTube Ads! Learn how to target the right audience and craft ads that resonate with viewers. Our video production company shows you how to leverage YouTube Analytics for success.

Mastering Video Marketing With Metrics and Messaging
21st March 2024

Digital video marketing content stands out as one of the best ways a business can connect with their target audiences, tell compelling stories, and drive business objectives. However, navigating the…

How Video Production Can Drive Gender Equality Year-Round
8th March 2024

Move beyond annual gender equality campaigns by using video to foster an inclusive culture year-round. Spotlight women leaders, amplify diverse employee voices, deliver impactful training, share leadership's commitment, and showcase women's invaluable impact across operations through compelling video storytelling. Reinforce accountability and empower all individuals through video's ability to educate, inspire, and drive meaningful change toward becoming a true gender-inclusive workplace.

Finding My Voice: Empowering All Stories Through Video
8th March 2024

In this article Ciara our Managing Partner shares her journey of finding her voice on International Women's Day and why she's on a mission to amplify diverse stories through inclusive video content. Creating a space for marginalised voices to share authentic narratives that drive organisational success.

Top 6 Mistakes Businesses Make When Choosing a Video Production Company
1st March 2024

In 2024, businesses are fully onboard with the power of video content for both B2C and B2B marketing. Video has firmly got its seat at the marketing table with a dedicated budget to boost. However…

Corporate Video Production: Overcoming the Common Challenges for Marketers and HR
29th February 2024

Unleash the power of video marketing! This article explores the challenges and immense value of video, highlighting how a strategic partnership with a video production company can maximise your ROI, secure buy-in, and future-proof your content. Learn more and unlock video's potential for your brand!

B2B Video: The Key to Influencing Decision-Makers and Driving Sales
28th February 2024

In today's information-saturated marketplace, capturing the attention of B2B decision-makers is the ultimate challenge. With countless messages vying for their limited time, standing out from the…

Navigating Fintech: Exploring Video Explainers for Consumers
26th February 2024

A fintech explainer video can break down complex topics or tools with simplicity to onboard and retain fintech customers through engaging walkthroughs.

The Power of Recruitment Videos in 2024's Dynamic Job Landscape
13th February 2024

Introduction … In the ever-evolving landscape of recruitment, hiring managers face unprecedented challenges in attracting and retaining top talent. With the UK job market in 2024 marked by shifting…

The Comprehensive Benefits of Multi-Camera Event Coverage for Large Events and Stakeholders
12th February 2024

This blog explores the benefits of multi-camera video production at large events, showcasing how it boosts brand visibility, enhances audience engagement, and provides significant ROI, offering a strategic edge to organisers and stakeholders in the event industry.

Convert Users into Customers Through Video with SaaS Product Demos
29th January 2024

SaaS product videos can be used to demonstrate your features and build brand awareness. Learn how to use video to convert users into paying customers.

The Rise of Hybrid Events: Adapting Live Event Videos For Virtual Audiences
29th January 2024

MHF Creative is a UK-based live event production company. When it comes to hybrid events, here are the considerations that live video requires for virtual audiences.

Incorporating London's Top Filming Locations into Your Corporate Video Productions
8th January 2024

Explore how choosing the right London locations can enhance your corporate videos. This article offers insights on matching sites with your brand's identity and practical tips on filming permissions for impactful storytelling.

A Guide to Leveraging Authenticity in Video Branding
20th December 2023

Discover how authenticity transforms video branding. Explore MHF Creative's guide to crafting genuine connections, storytelling, and cinematic excellence in your brand videos.

Telling Stories That Inspire Change Through Inclusive Recruitment Videos
20th December 2023

Read how you can inspire change through inclusive recruitment videos, going beyond the standard.

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