Corporate Video Production Insights and Guides

The Power of Recruitment Videos in 2024's Dynamic Job Landscape
13th February 2024

Introduction … In the ever-evolving landscape of recruitment, hiring managers face unprecedented challenges in attracting and retaining top talent. With the UK job market in 2024 marked by shifting…

The Comprehensive Benefits of Multi-Camera Event Coverage for Large Events and Stakeholders
12th February 2024

This blog explores the benefits of multi-camera video production at large events, showcasing how it boosts brand visibility, enhances audience engagement, and provides significant ROI, offering a strategic edge to organisers and stakeholders in the event industry.

Convert Users into Customers Through Video with SaaS Product Demos
29th January 2024

SaaS product videos can be used to demonstrate your features and build brand awareness. Learn how to use video to convert users into paying customers.

The Rise of Hybrid Events: Adapting Live Event Videos For Virtual Audiences
29th January 2024

MHF Creative is a UK-based live event production company. When it comes to hybrid events, here are the considerations that live video requires for virtual audiences.

Incorporating London's Top Filming Locations into Your Corporate Video Productions
8th January 2024

Explore how choosing the right London locations can enhance your corporate videos. This article offers insights on matching sites with your brand's identity and practical tips on filming permissions for impactful storytelling.

A Guide to Leveraging Authenticity in Video Branding
20th December 2023

Discover how authenticity transforms video branding. Explore MHF Creative's guide to crafting genuine connections, storytelling, and cinematic excellence in your brand videos.

Telling Stories That Inspire Change Through Inclusive Recruitment Videos
20th December 2023

Read how you can inspire change through inclusive recruitment videos, going beyond the standard.

The Impact of Inclusive Video Production & Marketing: Paving the Way for Diversity and Inclusion
20th November 2023

Inclusive video production and video marketing is important for your brand. Learn more about what that means for your business.

Navigating the Visual Landscape: Video Marketing Trends in 2024
20th November 2023

Read our guide on video marketing trends and predictions for 2024 to help you create impactful content for your audience.

Behind The Scenes of the Awin Video Campaign: A Creative Journey to "Grow Your Own Way"
13th November 2023

Discover how Awin's brand video campaign raised awareness of their brand and resulted in a 400% increase in sign ups. In this blog we go behind the scenes and explore the brand video campaign's key strategies, talent selection, set designs, and much more.

Maximising The ROI Of Promotional Videos
23rd October 2023

Promotional videos are an excellent tool to increase brand awareness and boost conversions. Discover our top tips for maximising ROI from video.

Interactive Video: Engage, Educate, And Convert Your Audience
23rd October 2023

Discover how to use interactive video to engage, educate and convert your audience through the experts at MHF Creative video agency

Navigating Corporate Video Compliance and Regulations
18th October 2023

Ensure compliance in corporate video production with our comprehensive guide. Navigate regulations in finance, healthcare, and more, promoting inclusivity and safeguarding intellectual property. Create videos that build trust and uphold legal standards.

Corporate Video Production Company Challenges and Solutions
13th October 2023

This article delves into the challenges that emerge during the video production process and offers some practical solutions that the best video production agencies employ.

Leveraging UK Video Production Companies: A Smart Choice for US-Based Businesses
6th October 2023

Explore the global advantages of teaming up with a UK video production company. From cost-effective collaboration and strategic geographic proximity to access to top talent. Discover how this partnership unlocks new creative possibilities and enhances the impact of your video content.

The Power of Video Animation in Promoting Inclusivity and Diversity
5th October 2023

This article explores how explainer animation videos create compelling narratives, showcase the benefits of diversity, celebrate diversity, simplifies training, and transcends language and cultural barriers.

A guide to write a compelling animated explainer video script
28th September 2023

IIn the world of video marketing, animated explainer videos stand out as a potent tool, and at their core lies a finely crafted script. Explore the art of scripting for impact and engagement in this insightful guide, whether you're a seasoned writer or a business owner.

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Voice-Over Artist for Your Corporate Video Production
18th September 2023

Expressing your brand’s voice is more than just using the right words - you need to find the right voice-over artist that will convey the words the way you want. Learn more in this guide to choosing the perfect voice-over artist.

5 Effective Techniques for Promotional Video Production
18th September 2023

Our video production experts at MHF share their top tips for effective techniques in promotional videos. Read our guide to learn more!

A Guide to Successfully Crafting Effective Interview Questions for Corporate Video Productions
23rd August 2023

This article guides you through the art of crafting effective interview questions. It shares the importance of understanding your video's goals, target audience, and the role of professional video production agencies and provides a structured framework that you can use to ensure your interviews are engaging, informative, and resonate with your viewers.

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