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Why make a promotional video?

Raise awareness of your event

Video content is the perfect medium to share across social media platforms to promote your event and grab the attention of your target audience.  

Video that appeals to their senses and feels emotionally engaging will entice the viewer to want to be a part of your world and experience your event.


Cafe de Paris Promotional Video Campaign
Café de Paris cocktail artistry

Stand out from your competitors

Creative promotional video content can enable you to shine a light on your  brand personality with engaging, fun video content that will help you to engage and connect with your target audience online, by bringing your product to life and turning eyeballs into buys.  

We are tea promotional video campaign
We are tea animation

Promote your inclusive employer brand

Attract a new generation of students or employees to your organisation by showing the real people, culture and values that make up your rich brand tapestry.

Share their insights, stories and experiences telling an authentic story of what its like to be part of your brand or business.

Grays Inn Employer Brand Video Campaign
Grays Inn student

Change perceptions of your brand.

Promotional video content can help you take control of your brand narrative and show your target audience a different side of your business, a human side enabling you to reach, engage, build trust and convert prospects into clients.

Expedia B2B Promotional Video Campaign
Expedia sales video campaign

Our promotional video content

Promotional Video Production Case Studies

Creative Event Video Production - Pure London

Promotional video content campaign to raise awareness of the event and drive ticket sales.

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Promotional Video Campaign - Café de Paris

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Animated Brand Story Video Campaign - We Are Tea

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Animated Video Production Campaign - Vamoos

Animated Explainer Video

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Employer Branding Video Campaign - Handle Recruitment

Employer Branding and Recruitment Video Campaign

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Corporate Presentation Video - Stint

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Promotional Video & Photography - Yodel Mobile

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Student Recruitment Marketing Video Campaign - Gray's Inn

Where will your career journey take you?

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Why choose mhf to make your promotional video?

Our team has experience working across a multitude of industries, whether it be high fashion, start up tech or hospitality - we have the creative knowledge and technical know-how to make you a promotional video campaign that really pops and delivers on your business objectives.

We can help you at any stage of the video production process from video content strategy right through to production and post production. 

It is our job to make you the perfect production to promote you and your business.

Promotional video production that gets business results.

Promotional videos are a top of the funnel marketing activity, the hero of your video content campaign, they target a wide audience to generate awareness and get eyeballs on your business, service or product. 

The purpose of a promotional video is always to generate an action, whether that be to drive a commercial action or to act as a lead generation tool or to traffic people to your website.

A good promotional video should pull the viewer into your brand and leave them wanting to learn more about who you are and what you do.  If you want to discuss a promotional video project - Get in Touch

Thoughtworks Logo

mhf creative's efforts resulted in an impactful video. Despite the hectic timeline, the team managed to deliver. They were optimistic, communicative, and went the extra mile to keep improving the product's quality.

Amy Stephens

Head of Marketing & PR Thoughtworks
Expedia Logo

"Genuinely nice people. Open, honest, helpful, nice to talk to. Costing is completely reasonable considering the high standard of output, never have to go back and forth negotiating."

Sarah Dewick

Senior Brand Marketing Manager, Expedia
Hyve Logo

They’re good at communication and hitting deadlines. Event planning is a really difficult industry to be in because things always change and we have very quick turnaround times. However, they’re great at meeting our deadlines, and they’re always willing to adapt.

Lucy Green

Marketing Hyve
Nubreed logo

Fully sold out 2020 conference (over 2000 people and 50+ vendors). MHF play a huge part in the overall marketing of this event so we feel their work is integral.

Joe Wicks

CEO Nubreed Events
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