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Why Work With Our Corporate Video Production Agency?

We're all about finding practical solutions that save you time and money. Our video production process—from the first meeting to the final product—is all about creating real value for your business.

We understand the need for efficiency in today's fast-paced world, so every step focuses on delivering results without wasting resources. Our commitment goes beyond the project at hand.

We see each video as a step towards your long-term success, providing ongoing support and strategic insights to ensure your video content continues to deliver value, engage your audience, and drive results over time. With our tailored approach, we solve your unique challenges through strategic video content, ensuring your message hits the mark and drives your success forward.

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No matter the type of video you're seeking, we're dedicated to crafting engaging content that aligns perfectly with your audience's preferences and marketing goals.

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At MHF Creative video production agency London, we're dedicated to delivering exceptional video production services that consistently exceed expectations. Our clients' testimonials showcase our commitment to excellence and outstanding results. We're your trusted partner for all your corporate video production needs

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The video resulted in a +400% increase in subscription signs up in comparison to previous year.

Georgia Burge

Head of Design
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"Genuinely nice people. Open, honest, helpful, nice to talk to. Costing is completely reasonable considering the high standard of output, never have to go back and forth negotiating."

Sarah Dewick

Senior Brand Marketing Manager, Expedia
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They’re good at communication and hitting deadlines. Event planning is a really difficult industry to be in because things always change and we have very quick turnaround times. However, they’re great at meeting our deadlines, and they’re always willing to adapt.

Lucy Green

Marketing Hyve
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The video email campaign achieved a 100% view rate — which is pretty impressive. That’s because it’s so bloody engaging and the animation is so good. The final product definitely met the goals that we had originally laid out for them.

Hugo Murphy

Head Of Growth

Sector Experience

Our diverse sector experience ranges from startups and manufacturing to healthcare and real estate, to finance and SaaS showcasing our versatility in delivering impactful video content across industries.


What is Corporate Video Production?

Corporate video production is the process of creating video content that promotes a company's brand, products, or services. It involves various stages, including pre-production (concept development, scripting, storyboarding), production (shooting, recording, editing), and post-production (visual effects, sound design, color grading). Corporate videos can take different forms, such as promotional videos, brand videos, explainer videos, testimonial videos, and more. These videos are typically used for marketing and communication purposes, both internally and externally.

How can Corporate Video Production benefit my marketing strategy?

Corporate video production offers several benefits for marketing managers. First and foremost, videos are highly engaging and can convey information in a compelling way. They allow you to tell your brand's story and showcase your products or services in a visually appealing manner, which can captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression. Videos can also increase your brand's visibility and reach, as they are easily shareable on various platforms, including websites, social media, and email campaigns. Moreover, videos can improve your website's search engine rankings, as search engines often prioritize video content. Incorporating corporate videos in your marketing strategy can help you connect with your target audience, drive customer engagement, and ultimately boost your brand's reputation and sales.

How to choose the best Corporate Video Production company?

Choosing the best video production company in the UK requires a strategic approach. Start by evaluating their portfolio to ensure their style aligns with your vision. Check for industry experience and a track record of successful projects. Assess their equipment and technical capabilities to guarantee high production quality. Consider their ability to tailor solutions to your needs and budget. Communication is key, so look for a company that actively collaborates and listens to your objectives. Finally, read client testimonials and reviews to gain insights into their professionalism and client satisfaction. By taking these steps, you can confidently select a video production company that aligns with your goals and expectations

  • Experience and expertise: Look for a company with a proven track record of creating high-quality corporate videos for businesses similar to yours. Check their portfolio and client testimonials to assess their level of expertise and creativity.
  • Capabilities and resources: Consider the company's production capabilities and resources, such as their equipment, team, and post-production facilities. Make sure they have the necessary resources to handle your project efficiently and deliver the desired results.
  • Collaboration and communication: Communication is crucial in any video production project. Choose a company that values collaboration and maintains clear and prompt communication throughout 

    the project. They should be able to understand your goals and requirements and provide creative solutions that align with your vision.

  • Budget and timeline: Discuss the budget and timeline with the video production company upfront. Make sure they can work within your budget and meet your project deadlines without compromising on quality.
  • Creativity and innovation: Look for a video production company that can bring fresh and creative ideas to the table. They should be able to provide innovative concepts and storytelling techniques that can make your corporate video stand out from the competition.
  • Flexibility and customization: Every business is unique, and your corporate video should reflect your brand's personality and tone. Choose a video production company that is flexible and can customize the video according to your specific needs and target audience.
  • Client satisfaction and support: Finally, consider the level of client satisfaction and support offered by the video production company. They should be responsive to your feedback, open to revisions, and committed to ensuring your satisfaction with the final video.

What are the key elements of a successful Corporate Video?

A successful corporate video should incorporate certain key elements to effectively convey your brand's message and engage your audience. These elements include:

  • Compelling storytelling: An engaging storyline that resonates.
  • Clear message: Communicates brand's value and personality.
  • Visual appeal: High-quality visuals and engaging design.
  • Professional audio: Quality voice-over and sound design.
  • Call to action: Prompts viewer action.
  • Brand consistency: Aligns with brand identity."

How much does Corporate Video Production cost?

The cost of corporate videos fluctuates based on several factors, including duration, complexity, customisation, location, and quality. These costs can span from thousands to tens of thousands of pounds. Investing in top-notch equipment and seasoned professionals elevates the overall quality of the video. To gain a clear understanding of the expenses involved, it's crucial to have open discussions about your budget and requirements with the production company. At our studio, prices start at £5,000.

What is involved in the video production process?

The video production process is a collaborative effort, consisting of three stages: pre-production, production, and post-production.

In pre-production, we develop a concept aligning with client goals, covering brainstorming, storyboarding, scriptwriting, and logistical planning.

Production involves filming with professional equipment and crew, ensuring a smooth shoot, coordinating schedules, managing talent, and selecting locations.

In post-production, we edit, enhance, and refine the video, incorporating client feedback before delivery.

Our commitment is to deliver high-quality videos that meet and exceed client expectations through clear communication, attention to detail, and a stress-free experience

How Long Does the Corporate Video Production Process Take?

The video production process is a multi-step process that involves several stages, and the length of time required to complete a project can vary depending on several factors.

The scope of the project is one of the main factors that can affect the timeline. A small-scale project, such as a short promotional video, may take less time to complete than a larger project, such as a feature-length film or a series of videos. The complexity of the concept is another factor that can affect the timeline. If the video requires complex visual effects or animation, for example, it may take longer to complete than a video with simple edits and transitions.

Other factors that can affect the timeline include the availability of resources and personnel, the scheduling of shoots, and the time required for revisions and feedback. We work closely with our clients to ensure that we understand their needs and requirements, and we provide realistic timelines based on the specific project.

That being said, we typically complete a video project within 4-6 weeks, from the initial concept development to final delivery. However, more complex projects may require additional time. Our team will work closely with our clients to ensure that we meet their needs and deadlines, while maintaining a high level of quality and attention to detail throughout the process.

Can you deliver tight turnaround video projects?

While we always strive to accommodate tight turnaround projects, our ability to do so depends on the availability of existing shoots and our team's schedule

Can I use stock footage in my Corporate Video?

Yes, you can use stock footage in your corporate video to enhance the visual appeal and add variety to your video. Stock footage refers to pre-recorded video clips that are available for licensing and can be used in your video without the need for additional filming. However, it's important to use stock footage judiciously and ensure that it aligns with your brand's message and tone. Overusing stock footage can make the video appear generic and unoriginal, which can negatively impact your brand's image. It's recommended to work with a professional video production company that has experience in incorporating stock footage seamlessly into corporate videos.

How can I measure the success of my Corporate Video?

Measuring the success of your corporate video is important to determine the ROI and identify areas for improvement. Here are some key metrics to track:

  • Views: The number of times the video has been viewed on various platforms.
  • Engagement: The level of engagement, such as likes, shares, comments, or click-through rates.
  • Conversions: The number of conversions or actions taken as a result of watching the video, such as website visits, form submissions, or purchases.
  • ROI: The return on investment, which is calculated by comparing the cost of production to the revenue generated as a result of the video.

How often should I create Corporate Videos?

The frequency of creating corporate videos depends on your business objectives and target audience. It's recommended to create new videos on a regular basis to keep your audience engaged and informed about your brand's latest offerings and updates. However, it's important to balance quality with quantity and ensure that each video adds value and aligns with your overall marketing strategy. It's recommended to work with a professional video production company that can provide creative solutions and fresh ideas to ensure that your corporate videos are effective and impactful.

Do you film internationally?

Yes, we have experience filming internationally and are able to travel to locations around the world to film our clients' projects. Our team is equipped with the necessary equipment and resources to ensure a seamless filming experience, no matter where the shoot takes place.

However, please note that filming internationally may require additional planning and logistics, such as obtaining necessary permits and visas, coordinating travel and accommodations, and navigating any cultural or language barriers. We work closely with our clients to understand the specific requirements and logistics of each project and ensure that everything is in place before filming begins.

If you are interested in filming internationally, please reach out to us to discuss your project and requirements. We are always excited to take on new challenges and deliver high-quality videos that meet our clients' needs and exceed their expectations, no matter where in the world the project takes us.

Can you edit existing footage?

Yes we can integrate existing footage into your video project, ranging from mobile phone captures to professional-grade footage. Our team evaluates the footage for quality and suitability, making necessary adjustments such as color correction, audio enhancements, or trimming to match project requirements. The final product's quality depends on the provided footage's quality. For optimal results, we recommend using professional equipment. Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific requirements and goals when incorporating existing footage into your video project

What camera equipment do we use to film?

We use a variety of high-quality cameras to ensure that we can capture the best footage possible for each project. Some of the cameras we commonly use include the Sony A7S III, Canon C300 Mark II, and Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K.

However, we understand that some clients may have specific requirements or preferences for the look and feel of their video, including the camera used. In these cases, we work closely with the client to understand their vision and select the best equipment to achieve their desired outcome. For a recent brand video we shot the footage using a Red V-Raptor VV due to the high level of data and picutre quality required.  Our team of experienced professionals carefully evaluates the options and makes recommendations based on the specific requirements and desired outcomes, ensuring that we can deliver the highest quality footage for every video.

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