Behind The Scenes of the Awin Video Campaign: A Creative Journey to "Grow Your Own Way"

13th November 2023

Awin began 2023 on a mission to amplify its brand recognition and introduce its unique services to a wider audience. The project aimed to create a brand video campaign that would not only raise awareness but also inform and engage viewers about Awin's offerings. With a desire to stand out in the competitive digital advertising landscape, Awin sought to showcase its competitive edge compared to major tech giants like Google Ads and Amazon.

The primary goal was to craft a series of impactful brand videos targeting distinct audiences: publishers and advertisers. Awin envisioned these videos as a means to convey its value proposition effectively. The overarching theme of the campaign was "Grow Your Own Way," emphasising the empowerment of businesses to take control of their advertising strategies away from larger platforms and towards Awin's performance-driven solutions.

In this blog, we will delve into the step-by-step process that shaped Awin's brand video campaign, allowing you to gain insights into the creative journey from concept development, scripting creation ideation, and cost efficient production strategies ensuring an impactful video production.


Creative Ideation

The brand video project began with a brainstorming session where the MHF video agency creative team embarked on an exploration of a multitude of narrative ideas. Their overarching goal was to craft a narrative that would introduce Awin's services and align with their marketing campaign - "Grow Your Own Way".  During this process the MHF Video Production Agency developed 8 ideas to present to the client, spanning full-fledged animation to engaging live action.

The split-screen narrative concept emerged as the strong contender with the client loving its hyper real set design and symobolic plant references.

From Script to Storyboards to Animatic: Crafting the Visual Blueprint

With the scripts finalised, the video creative team transitioned to the meticulous process of storyboarding. These detailed blueprints meticulously laid out every scene, serving as the visual foundation for the forthcoming production. The storyboards not only facilitated a clear understanding of how each moment would be captured but also ensured that the narrative's visual elements aligned seamlessly.

The storyboards then became the cornerstone for the development of an animatic. This dynamic visual representation of the narrative brought the story to life before the cameras even started rolling. It was a pivotal step in visualising the pacing and progression of scenes, offering a tangible preview of how the story would unfold. This phase was invaluable in pinpointing any necessary revisions, ensuring that the production would run efficiently and effectively.

drawing of girl with pigtails and glasses waving using laptop


Talent Sourcing: Assembling the Perfect Cast

A critical aspect of Awin's video campaign was the selection of the right talent to bring the narrative to life. Here's how the process unfolded:

Diverse Actresses

The narrative called for a cast that embodied diversity. Three actresses were selected, each bringing their unique qualities to the video production. One of them had the interesting brief of playing two roles as twins, showcasing the versatility of the chosen talent. The selection process aimed to ensure that the cast effectively conveyed the essence of the characters they portrayed.

Reflecting Influencers

Awin's narrative introduced characters who were DIY and fitness influencers. Finding actresses who could authentically reflect these roles was pivotal. The chosen talent not only aligned with the narrative but also brought an air of authenticity to their characters, enhancing the campaign's relatability.

Voiceover Artist

The voiceover artist played a crucial role in narrating the story. To match the tone and style of the campaign, it was imperative to select an artist with a strong American accent. Their voice needed to carry authority and a touch of wisdom to effectively guide the narrative. The chosen voiceover artist was a perfect match for the campaign's requirements, adding depth and resonance to the storytelling.  He recorded his voiceover from his home studio in New York whilst directed online by the MHF Video Production team back in London.

The meticulous selection of talent was a pivotal step in ensuring that Awin's video campaign came to life with authenticity and impact. It underlined the importance of aligning the right individuals with the campaign's vision, and the chosen talent delivered on this, enhancing the narrative's relatability and engagement.

Set Design 

Hyper-Real Look

The goal was to create a world that appeared hyper-real, going beyond the confines of reality. To achieve this, a meticulous set design was employed. However, due to the need to film four scenes across two days, traditional wall painting was replaced with the use of colorama. This alternative allowed for versatility in backgrounds, eliminating any restrictions. The plain background became a canvas for creativity.

Focused Frontal Area

With the use of colorama backgrounds, no props could be hung in the background. Therefore, the primary focus shifted to the frontal area, specifically the desk area. The desk settings were meticulously designed to align with the archetype of each character, ensuring that every element in the frame spoke to the character's persona, whether it was a fitness influencer, a DIY enthusiast, or a business professional.

Prop Transformation

The props themselves underwent a detailed transformation. Each prop was spray-painted with precision to create a flat, cartoon-like effect. This level of detail in prop design was crucial to maintain the hyper-real appearance and resonate with the theme of the campaign. The meticulous craftsmanship was essential in achieving the desired visual aesthetics.

behind the scenes video production studio

Remote Video Direction: A Seamless Production Beyond Boundaries

In a testament to the digital era's capabilities, Awin's video campaign was directed remotely from South Africa, showcasing the efficiency and effectiveness of remote collaboration:

Cost-Effective Solution

Remote video direction emerged as a cost-effective approach that didn't compromise on quality. Despite the geographical distance, the team ensured seamless communication, keeping the production aligned with the campaign's vision while effectively managing expenses.

Despite being based in South Africa, the director's involvement in the campaign's production remained seamless. Utilising Zoom, the director established a virtual connection, providing real-time direction and guidance to the production team situated in the UK.

Real-Time Communication

The virtual link via Zoom facilitated immediate communication channels between the director and the UK-based video production team. and actors.   This direct interaction allowed for instantaneous feedback, decision-making, and adjustments, ensuring that the project progressed smoothly according to the director's vision.

Streamlined Oversight

Leveraging the capabilities of Zoom, the Director efficiently oversaw the various scene setups, ensuring adherence to the creative blueprint. This method of remote direction proved instrumental in maintaining the intended narrative and visual coherence of the campaign.

Crafting Engaging Animations and Brand Elements

In the post-production phase of Awin's video campaign, a significant emphasis was placed on creating captivating animations and designing brand elements that aligned seamlessly with Awin's established brand guidelines:

Engaging Animations

These animations were strategically crafted to complement the narrative, adding an extra layer of engagement and visual appeal. Each animation was meticulously designed to interact seamlessly with the actresses, enhancing the storyline's depth and viewer engagement.

Brand Elements from Scratch

Awin's established brand guidelines served as the foundation for crafting new brand elements. With careful consideration of these guidelines, the creative team designed bespoke brand elements from scratch. These elements were purposefully integrated into the video, ensuring consistency with Awin's visual identity while reinforcing brand recognition among the audience.

black female sitting at desk with animated elements behind her

The Finishing Touches

In the final stages of Awin's brand video production, meticulous attention was devoted to enhancing the auditory and visual elements through sound design and color grading:

Sound Design Excellence

Sound design played a pivotal role in enriching the viewing experience. Each sound, from ambient tones to character interactions, was meticulously curated to complement the on-screen action. The inclusion of sound effects, music, and ambient sounds heightened the emotional impact, further immersing the audience in the narrative.

Colour Pop

Color grading became the canvas for refining the visual aesthetics. Each frame underwent meticulous color grading, ensuring consistency and coherence throughout the video. This process enhanced the overall mood and tone, creating a cohesive visual experience that aligned with the hyper real creative treatment and Awin's brand identity.







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