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Our Video Production Process

Get Clear On Your Video Marketing Goals

Kickstart your video success with a clear vision! Send us your video production brief. It helps us understand your goals – why the video, who it's for, and what results you desire (more website traffic, sales, etc.). This collaborative approach ensures a video that resonates with your audience and delivers a powerful impact on your brand.

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Let's Chat & Craft Your Vision!

Once we receive your video brief, we'll research your company and competitors to gain a deeper understanding of your market position. We'll then schedule a Zoom call to discuss your vision, messaging, and any budget parameters you have in mind. This collaborative call ensures we tailor a video production proposal that perfectly aligns with your corporate video objectives and delivers impactful results.

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Your Tailored Video Proposal Awaits!

After our collaborative Zoom call, we'll craft a comprehensive video production proposal outlining our creative approach and cost breakdown. We'll optimise your shoot for efficiency, clearly define video deliverables, and showcase relevant video examples with associated costs. This allows you to choose a creative treatment that perfectly aligns with your brand and budget, ensuring a video that delivers exceptional value.

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Partnering for Success!

Choosing MHF Creative secures your video production journey. We'll request a 50% deposit to kick things off. Then, we'll create a dedicated digital workspace for seamless collaboration. This secure platform stores all video assets, edits, and versions, eliminating inbox clutter. You'll easily track project progress and revisions, fostering a transparent and efficient partnership. Let's create a video that exceeds expectations!

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Seamless Pre-Production & Filming

Our collaborative process starts with meticulous pre-production. We'll work with you to plan every detail – logistics, location scouting, talent coordination, interview questions, scripting, and shot lists. On the day of filming, our experienced crew arrives early (around 8am) for a standard 8-hour shoot. To optimise efficiency, expect roughly 1 hour for camera setup, 1 hour per interview, and 2-3 hours for capturing captivating B-roll footage that brings your video to life. This ensures a smooth filming process and a polished final product.

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Bringing Your Vision to Life: Editing & Animation

This is where the magic happens! Our skilled editors will craft a rough cut of your corporate video, which you'll receive for review via a secure Vimeo link. This platform allows you to easily provide timecoded feedback, ensuring your edits are incorporated seamlessly. We understand the importance of collaboration, so our proposals include 3 rounds of revisions. However, any additional rounds will incur a cost of £600 per round. This ensures a streamlined process while maintaining flexibility to achieve your desired outcome.

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Your Video Delivered & Ready to Share!

Once everyone's happy with the final cut, our editors will add captions and subtitles (if needed) and deliver your video in various formats optimised for your website, paid marketing campaigns, and social media platforms. This ensures seamless integration across your entire marketing ecosystem, empowering you to share your video story and achieve maximum impact.

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My name is Ciara Haley, and I am the Managing Partner at MHF Video Production Agency, a comprehensive video production company based in London, UK. We provide a broad spectrum of video services and embrace a variety of creative projects, catering to a diverse clientele ranging from startups to established enterprises.

If you're seeking professional video production support in London—or anywhere across the UK—I'm here to help. I invite you to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation call with me to discuss your communication objectives. Feel free to bombard me with all your video marketing questions.

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