Product Videos Spotlight: Payhawk's Key Features

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Payhawk, a leading fintech company, has crafted a series of four product videos designed to showcase their exceptional software features. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and simplicity, Payhawk places a strong emphasis on four key capabilities, including powerful reconciliation and advanced Mastercard controls. These videos not only provide valuable insights into how Payhawk is revolutionizing expense management but also serve as valuable tools to guide customers further down the sales funnel, offering a deeper understanding of how Payhawk can transform their financial operations.

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MHF Creative's Perspective: The Challenges We Faced

To effectively showcase each feature of our client's software, we embarked on the intricate task of animating the Figma representations of their platform. This animation needed to seamlessly integrate with interviews and supplementary B-roll footage to create concise 1-minute videos and keep the viewer engaged.

Adding to the complexity, two of these videos were shot during separate months, presenting a unique challenge in maintaining visual and thematic continuity across the entire series. Our team tackled these challenges head-on, ensuring that the final videos not only highlighted the software's capabilities but also maintained a cohesive and compelling narrative throughout the entire video production process.

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