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How State of Play Harnesses Payhawk Tech for Success

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Payhawk worked with MHF Creative Video Production, London to make a customer testimonial video that aimed to highlight the transformative impact Payhawk solution has on business. The choice to feature State of Play , a pioneer in developing and managing technology-enhanced experiential leisure concepts across the UK and the US, including Ace Bounce, Bounce, Hijingo, and Flight Club was deliberate, as their journey epitomised the remarkable outcomes achievable with Payhawk's integrated financial solutions.

State of Play's transition from using disconnected tools to a unified, streamlined financial management approach serves as a compelling testament to the tangible benefits of Payhawk's all-in-one platform. Through this customer testimonial, the video project not only showcases State of Play's success but also underscores how Payhawk empowers businesses to save time, enhance visibility, and make informed decisions. Together, Payhawk and MHF Creative crafted a compelling narrative that captures the essence of financial transformation with Payhawk.


State of Play Customer Testimonial Video

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The Challenges

The creation of the customer testimonial video for Payhawk presented a unique set of challenges.  One challenge involved simplifying the intricacies of Payhawk's financial solutions while repurposing pre-existing b-roll content. Additionally, conducting interviews with two key stakeholders, including David Watson, Group Financial Controller at State of Play, was a critical aspect.

One of which being the distilling the complexity of their financial solutions while repurposing existing b-roll content. Interviewing two stakeholders, including David Watson, Group Financial Controller at State of Play, was essential.  Furthermore, interviews with these stakeholders took place in challenging low-light conditions, emphasizing the pivotal role of proper lighting.

Additionally, the project was confined to a tight 4-hour shooting window due to the venue's opening hours, necessitating meticulous planning to effectively convey the transformation of State of Play's financial operations while maintaining narrative coherence, visual consistency, message clarity, and audience engagement.


Social Media Cut 

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