YouTube Pre-Roll Campaign: Spotlighting Payhawk's Innovative Features


Our YouTube campaign for Payhawk delivered a dynamic punch with a series of engaging short videos. Comprising three 15-second videos and three 6-second pre-roll ads, this campaign skillfully spotlighted Payhawk's specific features. The campaign seamlessly blended animations of Payhawk's Figma platform with strategic use of stock footage and custom illustrations. Each video was a concise yet compelling showcase of Payhawk's innovation and effectiveness, leaving a memorable mark on viewers.

Challenges Faced: Navigating the Creative Journey

While crafting this campaign, we encountered several challenges that tested our creative mettle:

  1. Condensing Complexity: Payhawk's multifaceted features demanded effective simplification for concise video content. 

  2. Synchronized Storytelling: Harmonising animation, stock footage, and custom illustrations required meticulous planning and execution to ensure a coherent narrative.

  3. Customer Engagement: Integrating Payhawk into real-world scenarios required a seamless blend, presenting the challenge of maintaining a balance between authenticity and visual appeal.

  4. Sound Enhancement: Incorporating sound effects into the 6-second ads necessitated precision in timing and selection to maximize impact within the brief timeframe.

  5. Time Constraints: Adhering to 15-second durations for the ads demanded creative efficiency and concise storytelling.

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