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Unlocking the Power of Affiliate Marketing With Awin


Awin is a global affiliate marketing platform that connects advertisers with publishers to help drive sales and increase revenue. In today's competitive digital landscape, Awin recognized the need to educate potential customers about the benefits of affiliate marketing and showcase the advantages of their platform over big digital advertisers. To achieve this goal, Awin partnered with MHF Creative to create an animated explainer video campaign. The campaign aimed to educate potential customers about affiliate marketing and how Awin's platform gives advertisers more control and the ability to pay only for results. In this case study, we will explore the client challenge, MHF Creative's approach, and the successful outcomes of the project.


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The Client's Challenge

Awin's business model is complex, and they faced a significant challenge in explaining it to potential customers. In addition, Awin needed to stand out from the crowded market of Google paid ads and showcase the benefits of affiliate marketing. Awin recognized that potential customers often found it challenging to understand how affiliate marketing works, and they needed an engaging and informative video that could explain their platform's unique advantages.

Furthermore, Awin wanted to communicate that affiliate marketing gives business owners more control over their advertising and the ability to pay only for results. Awin realised that an animated explainer video campaign could help them achieve their goals and educate their target audience about affiliate marketing and the advantages of their platform.

Finally they required the animation video to be localised into 9 languages for each of their core global markets.

To accomplish this, Awin collaborated with MHF Creative a leading video production and animation company in London to create a explainer video that would simplify their message and showcase the benefits of affiliate marketing.

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