Affiliate Marketing Made Simple: Animated Videos Tailored to Different Demographics


Awin is a global affiliate marketing company with offices in London, Berlin and the USA.  

In response to changing market dynamics, Awin relaunched their business model, introducing three distinct platform offerings: Awin Access, Awin Accelerate, and Awin Advance. Each platform offer targeted specific demographics and unique business needs.

Recognising the need for effective communication, Awin turned to animated explainer videos. The aim was to educate and engage audiences by creating video content that aligned with each offer's value proposition. These videos played a pivotal role in Awin's transformation, introducing the benefits of affiliate marketing and highlighting Awin's role in offering advertisers greater control and performance-based pricing.

This case study delves into Awin's strategic shift and the practical use of targeted animated explainer videos to educate and cater to different demographics, ultimately contributing to Awin's success.

Awin's Multilingual Video Challenge: From Complexity to Clarity

Awin's video campaign embarked on a journey riddled with intricate challenges, each requiring a strategic solution.

1. Multilingual Narration: As a global company, Awin recognised the importance of delivering its message in the local language of each market. This meant applying nine distinct voiceovers in nine languages to ensure resonance with diverse audiences.

2. Building from Scratch: Awin's unique offering required equally unique characters and animations. However, there was no pre-existing asset library to draw from. Thus, a solution was needed to create characters from stock graphics and then bring them to life through animation.

3. Targeting Unique Demographics: To maximise the impact of each video, they needed to speak directly to distinct demographics. This challenge involved crafting content that would resonate with each group and cater to their specific needs.

4. Conveying Complexity in 60 Seconds: Explaining the multifaceted benefits of Awin's platforms in just 60 seconds was no small feat. The script had to be not only concise but also effective in delivering a clear and compelling message about the advantages of affiliate marketing and Awin's solutions.

In the following sections, we will explore how these challenges were met with creative solutions, ultimately resulting in the success of Awin's animated explainer video campaign.

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