Explainer Video Campaign

Background & Objectives


Awin, a leading global affiliate marketing company with offices in London, Berlin, and the USA, underwent a strategic relaunch to adapt to evolving market dynamics. This relaunch included introducing three distinct platform offerings: Awin Access, Awin Accelerate, and Awin Advance. Each platform caters to specific demographics and unique business needs within the affiliate marketing landscape.

The Challenge

Effectively communicating the value proposition of these new tiered offerings to a diverse audience became a critical challenge. Awin needed to educate potential clients on the benefits of affiliate marketing and how their platform specifically addresses advertiser needs for greater control and performance-based pricing.


Recognising the power of engaging content, Awin turned to targeted animated explainer videos. These videos were designed to be informative and visually appealing, aligning perfectly with each platform's unique value proposition.


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