Awin & Klarna: Partnership Case Study Video Campaign

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Awin, a global affiliate marketing platform, recognized the potential of a strategic partnership with Klarna to drive sales and revenue growth for their advertisers. However, Awin needed to showcase the advantages of this partnership to their target audience and highlight the significant benefits that their advertisers could expect. To achieve this goal, Awin partnered with MHF Creative to create an informative and engaging video campaign that highlighted the benefits of partnering with Klarna on the Awin affiliate network.

The main objective of the campaign was to educate potential customers about the partnership between Awin and Klarna and the benefits of using Klarna's payment solutions to increase conversion rates. The video had to be human and concise, explaining why brands should partner with Klarna on the Awin affiliate network.


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Awin x Klarna

The Client's Challenges

Awin faced several challenges in creating the video campaign for their partnership with Klarna. One of the main challenges was effectively communicating the benefits of the partnership to their target audience while avoiding overwhelming them with technical information. Awin needed to ensure that potential customers could understand the advantages of using Klarna's payment solutions to increase conversion rates and revenue.

Another challenge was to create an engaging and informative video while highlighting the unique features of the partnership. Awin had to find a balance between showcasing the benefits of the partnership and keeping the video concise and engaging enough to retain the audience's attention.

In addition, collaborating with another brand, Klarna, on the creation of the video was another challenge that Awin faced. This required effective communication and coordination between both parties to ensure that the video was aligned with both brands' messaging and values. It was important to strike a balance between promoting the partnership and maintaining each brand's identity.

Lastly, Awin needed to ensure that the video accurately represented their platform's offerings and would resonate with their target audience. The video had to showcase the benefits of using Awin's affiliate marketing platform and how it gives advertisers more control and the ability to pay only for results.

The Results

The results of the Awin and Klarna partnership video produced by MHF Creative have exceeded expectations. The video has received the highest number of impressions on social media ever for Awin, generating a significant amount of buzz and engagement among their target audience.

In addition to the impressive social media metrics, the video has also been well-received by Awin's internal teams, who have praised it for its clear messaging and engaging visuals. The success of the video has helped to position Awin as a leading player in the affiliate marketing space, and has helped to drive interest in their platform among potential customers.

Overall, the Awin and Klarna partnership video has been a tremendous success, demonstrating the power of high-quality video content in driving engagement and interest among target audiences.

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