Real Estate Video Production London

The Clients Needs

The client required a promotional video that showcased the superb real estate value investment of One Sekforde Street in London.  The real estate video production needed to not only showcase the building and office interiors but also the history of this amazing asset as well as the East London location, transport links and amenties.

Victorian Building facade London

Property Investment Video Clerkenwell East London

Our Video Production Approach

We filmed over the course of two days in London.  One day we spent filming the interior of the building and the second day was spent filming actors walking around the local area and sampling some of the trendy amenities available in close proximity to One Sekforde Street.

The building has a great deal of historical relevance and we wanted to convey this as much as we could by integrating an old black and white photograph of the building into the modern day video.  We also used stock footage to highlight that the building has recently been used as a recording studio as well as a Hollywood film location.

Film crew behind the scenes