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Tenancy Deposit Scheme x Espire


The client, Espire was seeking a video production that would highlight their successful digital transformation project featuring one of their succesful partnerships with the TDS, Tenancy Deposit Scheme. The aim of the video was to appeal to other larger corporate businesses in the UK, by showcasing the challenges faced at the start of the project and demonstrating how Espire's solution enabled a successful outcome. The video needed to effectively communicate the benefits of the Espire solution to potential clients while providing a clear and engaging visual narrative of the project's journey.


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TDS x Espire

The Clients Challenges

The client, Espire, faced several challenges in producing a video that could effectively showcase their role in a successful digital transformation project for a UK-based client. One of the main challenges was managing costs, as the client needed to work with a UK-based company without ever meeting them in person. Additionally, Espire had to convey the complexity and challenges of the project while demonstrating how their marketing solution provided the most effective solution.

Furthermore, the client needed to target larger corporate UK businesses and create a video that would stand out among their competitors. The video needed to clearly show the challenges faced at the beginning of the project and why Espire was the successful bid. Therefore, it was essential that the video production accurately reflected the innovative and transformative aspects of the project, while also highlighting Espire's strengths as a company.

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