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Cycle Together was a start-up platform with the aim of becoming the Glassdoor of the cycling community. To achieve this, the client wanted to use video content to engage and educate their target audience on how to get the best out of using the Cycle Together platform. The client's goal was to create a video campaign that would help them stand out in a competitive market and establish themselves as a valuable resource for the cycling community. Our team was tasked with creating a compelling video campaign that would effectively communicate the platform's value proposition and benefits to potential users.


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Cycle Together

Clients Challenges

The client, Cycle Together, faced several challenges when it came to promoting their new platform. As a startup, they needed to establish themselves in the crowded cycling community and differentiate themselves from competitors. Additionally, as a new concept, they needed to educate their target audience on how to use the platform and its unique features effectively.

Traditional marketing methods, such as text-based advertisements, were not enough to engage their target audience and demonstrate the value of the platform. This is where video content came into play. Cycle Together recognized the power of video in educating and engaging their audience and wanted to create high-quality video content to showcase the platform's features and benefits.

However, as a new company with a limited budget, they needed to find a video production company that could deliver high-quality content within their budget constraints. They also needed to ensure that the video content accurately reflected the brand and effectively communicated the platform's unique selling points.

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The Results

After the successful completion of the project, the Cycle Together team was pleased with the final result. Our team of skilled professionals created a unique and engaging hero video, along with shorter social media cut-downs, which proved to be highly effective in attracting people to view the Cycle Together website. The client was particularly impressed with the series of animations featuring screen recordings of the platform and animated text instructions to the side, which proved to be an excellent approach for the budget.

The final video produced by MHF Creative ranked as the most watched feature on the client's new social media accounts. The animation series was also highly effective in educating the target audience on how to best use the platform to join new cycling clubs or leave a review. This was reflected in the increased traffic to the Cycle Together website, as well as the positive feedback received from the client's target audience. The project was a resounding success, with Cycle Together now positioned to become the go-to platform for the cycling community.

The mhf creative team produced a unique final video that ranked as the most watched feature on the client's new social media accounts

Biola Babawale

Founder and CEO