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Gray's Inn is a prestigious legal institution seeking a video production company in London that could create an effective employee value proposition (EVP) video to promote its membership benefits to both new and existing members. The video's main objective is to attract new members by showing what life is like at Gray's Inn, highlighting its location, on-site amenities, and daily perks. Our corporate video production approach goes beyond showcasing the values of the organization and focuses on highlighting the practical benefits, including car parking, proximity to central London, and chef-prepared meals, to engage and persuade potential members.


EVP Video Grays Inn

Recruitment video showcasing the real benefits that being a member of Grays Inn brings to its members.

The Client's Challenges

Grays Inn faced the challenge of effectively communicating the benefits of membership beyond the values of purpose. They wanted to showcase the day-to-day advantages of being a member, such as convenient car parking, the close proximity to central London, and the availability of on-site chef-cooked meals. Additionally, they needed to create a video that would effectively attract new members and provide a true representation of life at Grays Inn.

The Results

The Grays Inn video production was successful in achieving the client's objectives of showcasing their value proposition to new and existing members. By repurposing existing footage and adding in new elements such as still photography and text graphics, we were able to effectively communicate the day-to-day benefits of being a member of Grays Inn beyond their values and purpose.

The new soundbites from senior barristers and Grays Inn members added a personal touch and humanized the video, while also providing credibility and authority to the messaging. The narrative of the video was directed towards the value proposition objectives and highlighted the unique benefits of being a member of Grays Inn.

Overall, the video was well-received by both new and existing members, as well as by the client themselves. The video has been used as a marketing tool to attract new members and has been successful in conveying the benefits of joining Grays Inn beyond their core values.

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