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Unlocking efficiencies with Haringey Council Traffic Order Team


Appyway approached us to create a 5-minute case study video showcasing the value of their digital traffic management platform for UK councils. Our challenge was to blend live action and animation to tell the story of a successful council's transition to Appyway, highlighting its efficiency and positive impact on the community. The resulting video serves as a powerful marketing and sales tool for Appyway's platform.


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Haringey Council Case Study

Clients Challenges

Appyway's challenges were centered on building trust and confidence in their platform among potential customers, specifically councils across the UK. They needed to showcase the value their system could bring to councils in terms of efficiency and improved service delivery. As a tech company, they faced the challenge of communicating complex technical information in a way that was easy for councils and their constituents to understand. They also needed to differentiate themselves from other players in the market and position themselves as a leader in the industry.

Appyway screen recording

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