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Customer Testimonial Video Campaign For Awin Access

Customer Testimonial Video Campaign

It was important that the customer testimonial video campaign tapped into what it is like to be a small to medium sized business owner in the UK.  We wanted the corporate video content to be reflective of their thought processes, challenges, needs and crucially their ambitions.

It was therefore to go beyond the platform and humanise how real businesses use it day to day and share their honest opinions on the affliate network.  To achieve this in a way that the audience could relate to we needed to show the wider business operations and answer all the top of mind questions a potential prospect may have.

How We Did It.

Customer testimonial videos structured around 3 audience personas.

It was important the corporate video content reflected the needs, motivations and challenges of the types of people who have responsibility for buying martec technology. 

We designed the video campaign around 3 audience personas that reflect the different decision makers who would be involved with affiliate marketing within a small/medium size business.

These were the Marketing Director, a Founder/Owner and a CEO.  

We wanted to understand their reasons for tapping into affiliate marketing, why they chose Awin Access and their experience so far of using the technology.

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Video Production in Scotland, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire

This video campaign needed to feel authentic to each business featured.  

Our video production team travelled to each business location and filmed on site conducting an interview with the decision maker and b-roll footage of their studio or factory showcasing what they do, the people that work here and how Awin Access is helping with the continued growth and success of each business.

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Video content strategy

To optimise the video content we made 3 hero videos featuring each client and their story. We then created4 x short social media videos dedicated to a particular theme including soundbites from each business.

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  • Ease of set up
  • Recommendation
  • Partner options
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mhf creative’s project management has been excellent, and they’ve been great at understanding our challenges. The people they’re creating the content around had never worked with an agency in this way before. The human element, and their ability to show the human side of a story in their filming are impressive.

Georgia Burge

Group Creative Lead