Promotional Video Cycle Together

We're stronger when we cycle together.


Promotional Video Cycle Together

In this video the founder of Cycle Together talks about the vision for her platform to connect new cyclists to cycling clubs int heir area and build a more inclusive and diverse cycling community.

Our Video Production Approach

The first step for us was to understand the reasons for the platform being created and the barriers that currently exist across this community.

Through these conversations it became clear that the Cycle Together team wanted to create a place where cyclists could 'find their people' and raise awareness of the great communities that already exist while trying to drive greater diversity and inclusion within these clubs.

It was therefore important for us to show these values in action within the video by choosing a cycling club that was representative of the diverse individuals Cycle Together seek to attract and the second element was to humanise the platform by sharing the backstory of the founder, her motivations and vision for this platform.

Video camera on tripod filming interview

Video Production Shoot

The promotional brand video was shot across one sunny Sunday in South London, Kent Lanes.

We met the Penge cycling club in Crystal Palace and from here we shot them riding the bikes out into the Kent Lanes.  

We then travelled back to South London to film the interview in a home location.  

The shoot needed to show the impact that using the Cycle Together platform will have on new cyclists considering joinging a cycling club as well as show glimpses of the platform which had at the point of shooting not gone live.

cyclists riding up a hill