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We're stronger when we cycle together.


Cycle Together required an overarching hero video to promote their new platform, aimed at breaking down barriers to entry for new cyclists and increasing accessibility, inclusivity, and diversity within independent cycling clubs across the UK. Our approach involved a creative discovery meeting to fully understand the purpose and goals of the video, followed by designing creative treatments, storyboards, and key messaging to present to the client. We conducted interviews with representatives from various cycling clubs to capture their personal experiences and stories, and filmed b-roll footage of cycling events and club activities. The post-production process included incorporating motion graphics and music to enhance the visual appeal of the video. The final result was a dynamic and engaging video that showcased the benefits of the Cycle Together platform and its impact on the cycling community.


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In this video the founder of Cycle Together talks about the vision for her platform to connect new cyclists to cycling clubs int heir area and build a more inclusive and diverse cycling community.

Our Video Production Approach

Our approach started with understanding the goals and values of the Cycle Together platform, which aimed to increase accessibility, inclusivity and diversity within UK cycling clubs. We had in-depth conversations with the team to identify the existing barriers within this community.

To showcase the platform's values, we selected a cycling club in London that represented the diversity of individuals that Cycle Together wants to attract.

We wanted to humanize the platform by sharing the founder's backstory, motivations and vision for the platform.

We filmed the cycling club in action and captured interviews with key members, showcasing the club's culture and community. We also included animated graphics to highlight the key features of the platform and its benefits for the user.

Video camera on tripod filming interview

Video Production Shoot

The promotional brand video was shot across one sunny Sunday in South London, Kent Lanes.

We met the Penge cycling club in Crystal Palace and from here we shot them riding the bikes out into the Kent Lanes.  

We then travelled back to South London to film the interview in a home location.  

The shoot needed to show the impact that using the Cycle Together platform will have on new cyclists considering joinging a cycling club as well as show glimpses of the platform which had at the point of shooting not gone live.

cyclists riding up a hill

The Results

The promotional video we created for Cycle Together helped to increase awareness and interest in the platform. By highlighting the values of inclusivity and diversity, as well as showcasing the benefits of joining a cycling club, the video effectively conveyed the message of the platform.

As a result of the video, Cycle Together saw an increase in website traffic and sign-ups. The video was also shared widely across social media and received positive feedback from the cycling community.

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