Top Trends in Video Production for 2023

23rd January 2023

You may be thinking about using more videos in your marketing strategy this year, but maybe you’re hesitant because you aren’t sure how to best approach the project. Using video as part of your marketing strategy and efforts is a must these days. If you want to get noticed and in front of your target audience on the right channels then you need to be producing engaging and interesting videos to view.

Given this, it’s wise to take the time to learn the top trends in video production for 2023. If you don’t want to tackle this vital initiative alone, then be glad to know MHF Creative can help. We offer professional video production services that will get you the desired results and ensure your videos are captivating and not only watched but shared. Once you know more about the trends for 2023 and what topics you wish to cover for your brand or products, then you can move forward with creating engaging and unique videos for your target audience. 

Silent Video

One of the top trends in video production for 2023 to be aware of is the use of silent video and using captains, which is gaining momentum quickly. It will also benefit you and your audience, as the hearing impaired can watch and enjoy your videos this way too. Not only that, but more and more audiences are choosing to watch videos with the sound muted. Therefore, incorporating captains into your videos is essential. Facebook is one platform where this trend is taking over rapidly and occurring with the majority of users. Applying “no-audio” tactics and silent video provides a more user-friendly experience and your video is more likely to get viewed on certain platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. 

Social Media Video

You’re also going to notice that social media platforms are embracing a video-first trend in 2023. It doesn’t matter the platform, video is driving growth among them all currently. If you’re going to grab and keep the attention of your target audience on social media as a brand then you must produce video content. Working with creative video production services such as those offered by MHF Creative can help you achieve your video marketing goals and make certain that your videos are getting viewed and talked about on social media. Keep ahead of the rest by prioritising video content and experimenting with different video formats across various channels and platforms. 

Short Format

Shorter video content in general is taking over the video scene and is a trend you should know about and embrace as well. Not only that, but you need to focus on getting the most important part of your message across in eight seconds or less. The human attention span is only decreasing over time and with the rise of people spending more time on social media. Determine if you want to engage, inspire, or educate, but try not to cram too many goals into one video. 

Leverage the use of short-form video content so that your audience watches your videos and doesn’t become bored or begin to overlook your content because it’s too long and involved. This is one of the top trends in video production that you should get on board with and make sure you follow. Otherwise, you risk wasting your time and money and consumers losing interest in your brand and what you’re selling. Always keep in mind, the shorter, the better when creating videos for your business. 


Another increasingly popular video production trend for 2023 is businesses that are looping videos. They are set to repeat and, in turn, create an engaging and eye-catching experience for the user. This way, too, if someone is enjoying watching your video they can keep watching it to ensure they catch every last detail. You may have seen them most recently on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. Even users are applying this trend themselves and looping their own videos on these platforms. It’s a fun and effective way to reach and connect with younger generations, specifically. You’ll not only be able to increase engagement this way but also brand awareness. 

Interactive Videos

An interactive video will not only attract more viewers but it’ll then hook them in to stay watching and using your video content. What it does is promote two-way communication via polls, quizzes, comments, and reactions from the viewers. You may even choose to integrate this trend with live streaming and shoppable videos. This trend is really taking off and right now there’s no sign of it stopping any time soon. Some brands are even hosting interactive and live segments with giveaways to keep users engaged. If you want to market your products in front of consumers and have their undivided attention then this is the trend to adopt. 

Vertical Videos

The format of your video and the viewing experience is yet another important matter to address when creating your videos. Instead of a video that’s shot in landscape orientation, a vertical video is shot in portrait orientation and it’s a trend that’s quickly gaining popularity. It’s a trend that gained momentum back in 2017 when social media platforms started accepting portrait-shot videos. It makes for a more intimate and honest viewing experience since these videos are filmed a lot closer to the face of the subject. 

Search Optimised Videos

If you bother taking the time to film a video or work with a professional video production services company, then you want to ensure that people will watch and share it. Therefore, consider applying the search-optimised videos trend in video production for 2023. If you film it then it’s in your best interest to ensure that your audience will view it. It’s worth your time and effort to do all you can to make your videos easily searchable within social media platforms as well as on search engines such as Google. Your objective is to increase likes, comments, and shares but it’s not enough to toss in a few choice keywords. Instead, you should take the time to add captions, select an attractive thumbnail image, and embed your video onto your own site. 

Reasons to Hire Professional Video Production Services

You may be on the fence about hiring and working with a professional video production services company to create your videos. However, it’s a clear cut, yes, that you should indeed hire a full-service video production company to help you. There are many benefits that come with doing so such as the team having fresh ideas and a different perspective on a topic. It’ll free up more of your time so you can concentrate on running your business, instead of trying to create videos without having much experience in this area or knowledge of the various video production tools. Your brand will ultimately look more professional and come across as more likeable when you use creative video production services. You risk tarnishing your company’s reputation if your video quality is poor and doesn’t captivate your audience.  

What you don’t want to do is give it a shot without any research or experience and hope for the best. Instead, guarantee that you get the results you desire by hiring a professional video production services company. This way the right trends will get incorporated where it makes sense and you’ll know that your money is being well-spent. 

So in summary, these are the top trends in video production for 2023 that you should make certain you follow if you want exceptional results. Your videos will not only get more views but also more shares in the hopes that you can increase your reach and sales. There’s no denying that corporate videos are going to be popular and a must-use marketing tool among businesses and brands in 2023. If you choose not to get on board or fail to create engaging videos then you risk getting lost in the shuffle and unable to successfully connect with your target audience. What you can’t do is ignore the fact and trend that video is gaining momentum and that you need it as part of your marketing approach. However, you must also focus on doing it right and well and not cutting corners if you want to get the ROI you hope for.

How MHF Creative Can Help

The good news is that MHF Creative is here to help and has the skills, tools, knowledge, and creative abilities to ensure your video incorporates these trends and gets watched. We guarantee an ROI and that our services are not only affordable but that they get your business and products the attention they deserve. You can count on us to stick within your timeline and budget and get you results that will exceed your expectations. 

We encourage you to contact us today to begin sharing more information about your project and ideas so we can begin working together to create a truly amazing and spectacular video that makes your company and products shine. We’re professional, friendly, experienced, and, most importantly, will do whatever we can to make sure you’re satisfied with the outcome and are more than happy that you chose to work with our team.