Essential Things to Know About Creating a Recruitment Video

20th February 2023


Finding the best people to join your team is one of the most difficult challenges facing employers and business owners. If you run a company and you’re looking to recruit new team members, it’s understandable to want to attract top talent. Creating a recruitment video offers a wealth of benefits for business owners and team leaders who are on the hunt for talented individuals. In this guide to recruitment video production, we’ll discuss why video is an effective recruitment tool, highlight the benefits of video and animation during the hiring process and share top tips for making recruitment videos. 

Video and animation for recruitment

Video and animation are increasingly valuable for employers who are on a mission to identify top talent and encourage them to join their teams. An animated recruitment video can help an employer to set their company apart, establish a deeper connection with candidates and make the brand memorable and accessible. Video and animation provide a lot more depth than simple adverts or social media posts with text and an image. 

The benefits of using video and animation in recruitment advertising

Benefits of using recruitment videos include:

  1. Communicate clearly with target candidates: video content is an incredibly effective means of communicating clearly with candidates and telling them all about your company and your values in a concise, engaging and interesting way. 

  2. Target passive candidates: with a professional video recruitment campaign, you can target passive candidates and reach wider audiences via paid ads and platforms like social media and Glassdoor. This will enable you to attract the best candidates out there and optimise your ROI.

  3. Showcase your company in all its glory: it’s difficult to get across just how brilliant and unique your company is using words alone. Video is a much more dynamic medium, which enables employers to showcase the company and tell prospective candidates all about it while keeping the content snappy and engaging. 

  4. Versatility: you can use videos and animations for all kinds of purposes when recruiting, including shining a spotlight on existing employees, sharing your backstory and highlighting company values and ethos, letting people get to know you as the boss and providing a behind-the-scenes look at day-to-day life in the office. 

  5. Leave a lasting memory: there is a global talent shortage, which means that candidates are likely to have multiple options. With slick, professional recruitment video production, you can leave a lasting memory.