Embrace Recruitment Video Marketing And Save Budget

22nd August 2022

The world of talent acquisition in 2022 is a truly competitive one and with more jobs than job seekers available, its more critical than ever for businesses to cast the net wider and find that all important passive talent whilst maintaining a close eye on managing the recruitment budget.

And with the average cost per hire in the UK sitting at £3000 (glassdoor) recruiters need to find more innovative and cost-effective ways to attract candidates into their talent pipeline.

Its time to embrace recruitment video marketing.

But im a recruiter not a marketer

With companies now all fighting for the same skill sets and salaries increasing in line with this demand, companies now need to identify other ways in which they can stand out from their competitors and convince high-quality candidates to join their business. 

You need to get creative and differentiate your company by raising awareness of your employer brand amongst a passive audience. 

One way to do this is through the services of a recruitment agency who can find candidates and promote your employer brand to them directly.  This is an effective short term strategy and can definetly win you some great talent however it does not come cheap and is certainly not a sustainable way to raise awareness of your employer brand or vacancies.

A better way is to create evergreen recruitment video content that can sit on your careers website or be shared across social media or on job ads to a targeted audience of passive talent. 

Yes there is an initial upfront investment hiring a video production company to make the recruitment videos but once made the videos will be fresh for 3-5 years depending on your organisation.

How can i optimise my recruitment video budget?

The filming day will be one of the most expensive elements of making your recruitment video content.  Its therefore important that you maximise that time and shoot as much video content that you possibly can in this day or two if your budget allows.   

This means making sure that you work with the video production company to plan out the production schedule and ensure that timings for filming are given to all participants taking part in filming.

Shooting more content is always the key to getting a healthier return on your investment.