What is a full service video production company?

17th May 2022

A full-service video production company is a one-stop-shop for all your video production needs.  The best video production companies will offer a range of video production services, internal capabilities and global talent network to take a video production brief no matter how developed it is and help you shape it into an end video product that delivers on your business needs. 

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Professional Full Video Production Services: What do they offer?

Research and insights

The best video production solutions companies will upon receipt of your video production brief set about researching your industry, your business, your competitors and your specific department to understand the landscape and context within which the high quality video content requested will sit.

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Creative video treatments

This is where the video production services will take your brief and your singular core message and brainstorm creative ways to best tell the story in a concise 2-3 minute video.

They will curate a selection of different videos for you review and feedback on elements that you like and don’t like, such as music, animation, style, pace, story.  If you have found any types of video that you particularly love then show these to your video production company to provide feedback on the costs to achieve a similar result. 

A videographer by difference will take your idea and film shots that deliver on your vision and storyboard.

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Project Management

When you hire a video production company to produce your corporate video production you are essentially hiring a production team who will remove all the stress of project management and production away from you.

You will not have to hire a crew of camera operators, sound engineers, editors or animators. 

You will not need to plan the production schedule for the day or organise call times for on screen talent.

You will not need to pre-prepare interview questions or write a video script or even be responsible for asking questions on the day of filming.  This will all be taken care of by the video production company and the producer they assign to work with you will project manage your video campaign form concept through to final delivery.

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Depending on the type of video you want to make you may decide that you need a script.  However, writing a video script for a short 60 second video is very different to writing content for a sales tool kit.  It requires skill and clarity of message.

With corporate video its all about conveying your singular core message in the most engaging way possible.  This means less is always more.  A 60 second video script will come in at around 140-150 words when spoken so you really need to make sure you cut the clog.

When you work with a video production company they can either write you a script from scratch or work on a consultancy basis where they can edit and tweak your pre-written script.

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Voiceover sourcing

The top video production companies in the UK are contacted daily by voiceover artists so will have a library of voices for you to choose from should you require this service.  You will need to be clear on the qualities you are looking to hear, such as gender of voice, country of origin, a specific dialect you are looking for, tone of voice helping the video agency provide you with a curated list of voices for you to choose from.

Once you have selected your voice the video production company will liaise with the artist to record your script which needs to be finalised before they begin the editing or animation video production process.

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Music library

Unfortunately, you cannot pop any commercial music track on your corporate video and be able to market it across social media.  Music falls under copyright law and requires you to purchase a usage license before you can add it to your corporate video content. 

The top video production companies in London will pay annual subscriptions for commercial free music tracks and will send you a selection to choose from.

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A video production company will employ a range of editors of which the main two will be a junior editor and a senior editor.  Depending on your video production budget and end vision of your video will depend on which one is chosen by the creative director to edit your corporate video production.  A junior editor will be involved in creating short social media videos whereas a senior editor will be put on bigger brand building projects video campaigns that need to look highly polished and professional.

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Animation, motion graphics and colour grading

A creative video production company will offer animation services, motion graphics and colour grading to enhance your  video and bring it to life through the energy of movement and colour.  So, whether you want a fully animated explainer video or just simple text animation to amplify key messages these elements will help to polish your final end video.

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