The Do’s and Don'ts of Animated Corporate Video

21st March 2023

Make sure your animated corporate video ticks all the boxes by following these do’s and don’ts.

Do: Know Your Audience

The first step in creating an effective animated corporate video is understanding your target audience. This means researching and analyzing their needs, interests, and preferences to create a video that resonates with them. Consider age, gender, location, industry, and education level when developing your video's messaging, tone, and style. Understanding your audience will also help you choose the appropriate channels for distributing your video and maximize its reach.

Don't: Ignore Your Brand Identity

Ensuring that your video corresponds with your company's brand identity while also appealing to your target audience is vital. Your animated corporate video should reflect your organization's ideals, personality, and style. This involves incorporating your company's colours, logo, and typography into the video's design. Failing to connect your video to your brand identity might confuse viewers and harm your company's overall messaging. Define your brand's values, personality, and style before corporate animated video production so you don't lose sight of who your brand is. Once you know what your brand stands for, you can work with a professional animator or animated video production services to ensure your company's unique qualities are shown in your film.

Do: Keep it Simple

One of the main benefits of using animation in corporate videos is that it can help explain complicated ideas and thoughts. It is, however, critical to achieve a balance between simplicity and efficacy. Avoid overloading your audience with information or employing technical jargon they may not comprehend. Instead, concentrate on the main point and convey it clearly and simply. This increases the likelihood that viewers will remember the information and take action.

Don't: Overuse Special Effects

Animation allows you to be creative in various ways, but it is crucial not to overuse special effects or flashy animations. They can be obtrusive and detract from the video's core message. To avoid utilizing too many special effects or flashy animations in your animated business film, focus on creating animations that add visual interest to your story. Start by figuring out your video's main ideas and goals. Then, work with your animator or corporate animated video production services to make animations that support these ideas simply and clearly. It is not necessary to utilize flashy animations to illustrate complex ideas. Visual metaphors and analogies can also be used. During the production phase, it is critical to analyze each animation and consider whether it supports or distracts from the film's main theme. You can create an animated corporate film that keeps people interested without utilizing too many special effects or animations that detract from the story by putting simplicity first and focusing on animations that add to the story.

Do: Include a Call-to-Action

One of the primary goals of an animated corporate video is to drive action from the viewer. This could be by signing up for a newsletter, visiting a website, or purchasing. It's important to include a clear call-to-action in your video to guide viewers towards the desired action. This should be prominently displayed at the end of the video and repeated throughout the video when relevant.

Don't: Neglect Audio Quality

When making a good animated corporate video, the quality of the audio is just as important as the quality of the video. Poor audio quality can be distracting and make it difficult for viewers to follow the video's message. Ensure that your video's sound quality is clear and consistent, with appropriate background music and sound effects if necessary. Consider hiring a professional voice-over artist to record the narration if needed.

Do: Plan Your Distribution Strategy

Making an excellent animated business video is only half the battle. Develop a distribution strategy to ensure that it reaches the intended audience. This could include putting the video on your company's website and social media pages, including it in email newsletters, or paying for advertising to reach a larger audience. Prioritize the channels your target audience will most likely use when making your distribution plan.

Don't: Neglect Analytics

Finally, it's important to track the performance of your animated corporate video using analytics. Setting up tracking and measurement tools before you release the video is important. This can include using a platform like Google Analytics or a video hosting service with built-in tracking features. Once the video is live, regularly review the analytics to see how many people are watching it, how long they are watching it, and where viewers are dropping off. This data can help you understand what is working well in your video and identify areas for improvement. For example, if viewers are dropping off early, you may need to revisit the video's opening and make it more engaging. By reviewing analytics regularly and using them to guide your strategy, you can improve the performance of your animated corporate video and get a better return on your investment.

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