How To Create A Successful Case Study Video For Your Business

15th May 2023

Are you looking for new ways to capture the attention of your target audience? Ensuring your business gets noticed and stands out above its competitors is never easy. But making case study videos part of your marketing strategy is an excellent way to achieve this. 

Here at MHF Creative, we create case study videos that deliver results. Read on to discover how you can create successful case study videos for your business.

What makes a good case study video?

A case study video provides insight into your business and showcases your products and services. Storytelling is at the heart of marketing success, and case study videos are the perfect medium to facilitate this.

The power of video marketing has been well-researched; 89% of marketing leaders now use video as a digital consumer engagement tool. Video marketing is an essential component of a modern marketing strategy, but what makes a good case study video? 

A good case study video should combine the following:

  • Powerful storytelling to evoke the target audience’s attention and capture their interest.

  • Memorable content that helps the target audience remember your business, products, and services.

  • Identify the target audience’s problem and provide a successful resolution.

  • Relatable content showing how your product can benefit customers in a real-world scenario rather than just listing the product’s features.

If you want to create a case study video featuring all the above elements, contact us today and let us help you create high-quality video content.

Which types of case study videos can you create?

Case study videos can be tailored to the specific needs of your business and target audience. Here are the different case study videos you can create:

Testimonial video

A testimonial video features clients discussing their positive experiences using your business. Testimonial videos are powerful; consumers who view videos are 174% more likely to purchase a product than those who do not view the video.

Q&A-style interview video

Q&A-style interview videos are a popular form of case study video. To produce a Q&A-style video, you must consider what you want to achieve from the video and prepare some questions in advance. Your customers will then be filmed answering your questions.

Review Video

As its name suggests, a review video features customers reviewing your products. This video may include footage of your customers using your product so your target audience can see its benefits in action.

Narrative video

A narrative video features engaging client interviews interspersed with B-roll footage (supplemental footage) and sometimes includes graphics and statistics to back up the content.

How to make a case study video: A step-by-step guide

Understanding how to make a case study video is essential to ensure maximum returns on your investment. This step-by-step guide shows you the process you should take when creating your case study video:

Set clear, specific goals

Setting clear and specific goals will ensure your video achieves your desired outcome. Consider what you want your target audience to do after watching your video. What action do you want them to take? What perception do you want them to have of your brand?

When setting your goals, you also need to consider the following:

  • Budget and costs

Case study video production costs can vary widely. So, creating a realistic budget for your video is vital. Understanding the costs involved in video production and then briefing the production team will enable them to tailor your video to match your vision and budget.

  • Strategy   

Establishing your video strategy now and how this will work alongside your existing marketing efforts is essential to ensure your video content strengthens your campaigns. Your strategy should align with your overall goals for the video, helping you to create a video that cuts through the noise of your competitors, gets your business noticed, and engages your target audience. 

Considering your company’s current position and researching how video content can help you to reach your goals is an excellent starting point when developing your strategy.

Define Your Audience and Their Pain Points

Once you have set clear goals, it is time to identify your target audience:

  • Are you targeting existing customers or new ones?

  • What demographic are you trying to reach, and what types of content appeal to them?

  • What pain points does your target audience face?

  • What solutions can you provide to solve these pain points?

Identify the Problem, Offer a Solution, and Your Key Message

After establishing customer pain points, consider how your product solves their problems. Your key messages should reinforce your product's benefits and how it resolves customer pain points.

This key message of your case study video should be the solution to your target audience’s problems. So next you need to consider what you want your target audience to do after watching your video. What message do you want to stick in their mind, and what call to action will you use?

Select your subject(s)

You have just seconds to capture the attention of your target audience, so you must ensure your content is focused. Selecting your subject and focusing on this is essential to communicate your key message clearly and concisely.

Write Your Video Script

Your video script should be tailored to your target audience and key message. Scripts should be written in line with your goals, detail the benefits of your products and feature a strong call to action.

Location, Location

Selecting the best location for shooting your video is essential to ensure it is professional and on-brand. You need to consider the lighting, background noise, and passersby (if you are filming outside).

Choosing a Visual Style

Choosing the perfect visual style for your video is essential for it to appeal to your target audience. You need a clear understanding of the demographic of your customers and to then create a visual style that represents your brand.

Edit your case study video

Editing your case study video footage is the final part of the process. If you have worked with a professional video production company, such as MHF Creative, post-production will be a breeze, and you will receive an impressive video showcasing your brand that delivers your key message effectively.

Get your case study out there

With your case study video complete, it is time to optimise it for search engines and share it with the world. Once you have completed your case study video, you can use it in many ways to spread your key message:

  • Share it across social media channels

  • Include it in marketing emails

  • Embed it on your business website

  • Play it at corporate events

At MHF Creative, we partner with you to produce the best quality case study videos for your business. Contact us today to discover how our highly-skilled, experienced video production team can help you.