How to write a video production brief

9th April 2021

How to write a video production brief?

To create a great corporate video that generates business results and delivers you a good return on your investment you need to write a super clear video production brief that outlines what you want to achieve and ensures that you and your video production agency are all on the same page from day dot.

So, what do you need to include in your video production brief?

Video goals.

All great corporate video projects start with the end in mind.  Ask yourself 'what are you aiming to achieve?' What problem are you seeking to resolve?  By focusing on your desired results, look and feel you will end up with a video that delivers on both clarity and creativity.  We urge you to be clear with your video production agency from the get-go on why you are creating your corporate video, what is its purpose and how does it fit into your overall business objectives and marketing goals. 

You should be aiming to summarise your corporate video goals into one or two sentences short, sharp sentences that outline the purpose of your video and the results you want it to achieve.  Your video goals should be specific with tangible measures of success, such as:

  • We want to create a promotional video that generates awareness of our live event and sells out tickets for our next event.
  • We want to create an animated explainer video that will educate our prospects on our service and reduce customer queries.
  • Or we want to attract engineers to our company through a highly targeted recruitment video campaign that shows our culture and career opportunities.

Your target audience.

When video content fails to deliver a message its usually because one of its most important elements has been overlooked, the AUDIENCE.  A one size fits all video doesn’t work as the messaging is too generic and by trying to speak to everyone you end up speaking to no-one and your message is lost.

You need to be able to describe your target audience beyond their standard demographics and really drill down into who they are as people, what is it that they care about, what problems keep them up at night and what do they aspire to be.  This will enable your video production agency to craft a story and messaging that centres around these behaviours, interests and motivations, creating video content that has both relevance and resonance in the eye of your viewer, taking them on a journey from problem to solution and ultimately influence them to take your desired action.

Your core message.

In today’s digital world, attention spans are dropping so you want your video to stand out from the noise with messaging that is concise, clear, and ultimately memorable.  If you have too many messages in your video, you risk diluting your key message so always think what is the one key takeaway that I want the viewer to come away with after having watched this video.  That statement will underpin the script, the tone, the creative approach, and the call to action. 

Your corporate video budget.

Video productions involve many different variables and are priced mainly according to time, skill and the number of crew involved in making your video.  Video can be made for any budget but what the budget defines is the amount of time a video production team can spend on the project and the level of skill that can be assigned to work on the project. It is therefore helpful for your video production agency to know from the offset how much money you are willing to spend on making your video a success, enabling them to provide you with a tailored creative video solution that not only fits your budget but still delivers upon your video content goals.   

When creating your video production budget, always go back to your initial video goals and decide what % upfront investment you are willing to make to help you achieve these goals. 

Creative video treatment ideas

Its really helpful to get all stakeholders involved in your corporate video project together to assimilate ideas or videos that they like the style of.  Its important to get alignment on this at the beginning as its much more expensive to change later down the line.  Once you have agreed include any links on the video brief so the video production agency can get a gauge of the style you are looking to create and enable them to provide an appropriate indication of budget to achieve these results.

Your corporate video production deadline.

Its important to be clear on the deadline for your video project from the offset.  This will enable your video production agency to schedule in your project and allocate the right resources to get your video made on time.  Be aware though that a super fast turnaround may result in a higher production cost due to having to work weekends or get in extra editors, animators to make your video in the required time.  At MHF we pride ourselves in being an agile video production agency that can scale up or down fast dependent on your business needs.  If you would like to discuss your video production brief, get in touch - wed be happy to help, alternatively check out our video production briefing document.