MHF Creative 2022 Year In Review

12th January 2023

Video Production Back With A Bang!

2022 was a great year for MHF Creative Video Production!  Following a quiet year for reasons we all know; video production was back and better than ever before.  In fact, it appears that companies big and small value corporate video production more than ever due to its ability to tell engaging human stories and convey corporate messages in a dynamic and concise way.



Video Production Shoot

New Markets

On a personal level we were really excited to grow our video production company portfolio to include real estate video production and social media video content as well as growing into new markets in the USA where our talented producers and camera crew were busy filming at events across Seattle, Chicago and Nashville as well as going to the home of Coca Cola and filming a case study video with Coca Cola bottling in Charlotte, North Carolina

American Flag

Fresh Talent

We have also hired new video production talent into our business in both the production and post-production areas as well as built strong partnerships with video production companies in the USA to help us keep delivering video content that is modern, fresh and the best value for money for our clients.

Our video production company ethos is all about 'being human' and this purpose can only get realised by us finding and nurturing the best young talent in this field as well as working with highly experienced, skilled editors, animators and camera operators across the world.  

We are very proud that some of our team over the years have gone onto work with globally renowned video production agencies and Hollywood film production companies.  

We value passion, skill, hard work and an ability to make the video production process fun and enjoyable for you our clients.

Video production shoot in basement London

Value Creation

One of the key areas we were focused on 2022 as a video production company was value creation and specifically creating value where we could in the video production process. 

This involved working in partnership with our clients and advising on ways in which we could help deliver more video content by maximising the video production shoot or schedule to film more people, more b-roll, more messages that could be reused or repurposed for future video content requirements.

video production camera filming client

In the world of video production time is quite literally money and its why you hear so many Hollywood movies going over budget.  Most corporate video production agencies will charge a standard day rate for filming that includes the cost of camera crew dependent on size as well as equipment so it’s important to make sure that the time is maximised to film as much content as possible within the 8-hour timeframe and save on filming costs further down the line.

Maximising Time And Output

An example of maximising our time was a video production shoot we were hired for to film a global leadership event in Nashville. 

To maximise our time filming in the USA we also travelled internally to Charlotte in North Carolina to film Coca Cola bottling for a customer success video.

From one American trip we were able to provide our client valuable video assets covering both the event, leadership vox pops and a detailed client case study video cut into different formats and social media videos.

Video production shoot coca cola

Lean Video Production

We stayed true to one of our core values of being lean.  We do not over produce nor do we see any inherent value in massive crews.  

To achieve our mission of creating video content that is less corporate and more human we need the people on the other side of the camera to feel comfortable and at ease and this is not always easy when you put a camera in someone's face and ask them questions let alone if they have 5 or more people watching them.

Its for this reason we work with a small team of professionals who know how to create a relaxed atmosphere and hopefully an enjoyable experience.

Video production shoot BTS SHIv textiles

Location, Location, Location

We filmed everywhere and anywhere.  From the original Pink Floyd recording studio in Clerkenwell, East London, to Brighton artisan workshops.  From countryside cycling lanes to large corporate American corporations.  From the streets of London to the streets of Leeds.  From the bedrooms of students to the homes of designers.  We filmed it.

Behind the scenes video production garden

2023 and Beyond

So this year is starting off strong with travel already planned in for the US and this remains a massive area of opportunity for us with our goal eventually to have a video production base in the USA.

We are also excited to be starting the year with 2 new offices in Old Street, East London as well as Leeds.  We filmed in Leeds last year and we loved the buzz and energy of the city and the opportinities it presents as being one of the 3 digital cities in the UK.

MHF Office London

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