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Why produce a corporate video?

Attract and engage top talent.

We make recrutiment and employer brand corporate video content that helps you attract and engage your desired candidates by showing your authentic company culture, values and purpose in action.  

We will capture the unique difference of your brand through the rich array of stories and expereinces of your people.

Grays Inn Employer Brand Video Campaign
Recruitment Marketing Video campaign for Grays Inn

Simplify corporate communications

We make animated corporate video content that simplifies complex processes, educates your audience, enhances your  corporate messaging and brings your product or service to life.

Our talented animators will work with you to understand the core message you want to convey and collaborate with you on scripting, creative direction making you an animated video that is on brand and on message.

Vamoos Animated Explainer Video
Animated Explainer Video made by MHF Video Production for Vamoos

Build trust with your sales prospects

We have made a range of customer testimonial video content that helps to build trust and confidence within your target market.

We focus on your desired target audience personas and work with you to create a video campaign that showcases the success stories of people that mirror their needs, motivations and aspirations.

Expedia Customer Testimonial Video Content
B2B video production Campaign for Expedia Group showcasing customer testimonials

Promote your corporate event

We will capture the energy and buzz of your live event for you to market across social media.  

Our video production team can scale up or down dependent on the size of your event, shining a light on the people, products and stories that make your event unique.

Devops Event Video Production
Event Video Production By MHF capturing a speaker at Devops London
MHF Video production founders Matt and Ciara


Why choose mhf as your corporate video production company?

As a video production company we believe that the power of video does not lie in the cameras or the technical aspects of video production - yes this is very important, but the true power of a great results generating corporate video lies in knowing your audience,how they think and feel and crafting a story that connects with both their head and their heart, 

As your video production partner we will work with you to connect the dots between your message and the needs and motivations of your audience. Our aim is to make you a video that shines a light on your message, inspires action and drives results  

MHF Video Production Studio in Luton


Corporate Video Production That Gets Results.

We are experts at producing corporate video content to inspire your audiences, tell your brand story or generate leads. Our corporate video production services help companies grow and market themselves online.

As your corporate video production company we will partner with you to understand your business, goals and target audience to craft you engaging corporate video campaigns that will resonate with your audience, connecting with their heart and their mind, creating a connected experience with your brand and activate your desired business results.

MHF Video Production shoot


Our corporate video production process

Discovery - Understanding your business, video goals and objectives and target audience personas.

Pre-Production - Storyboarding, scripting, location planning, talent hiring, filming permits.

Production - Shooting your video.  We can scale our crew up or down dependent on your budget and video needs.

Post-Production - Our creative editors will bring your video to life and enhance it with music and animation or motion graphics if required.

For a more detailed overview check out our corporate video production process blog.

MHF Video Production shoot for Kilburn and Strode


How much does a corporate video cost to make?

We hate to be vague but it depends on your brief and the video deliverables.  Corporate video is costed on many different factors, length of video, locations, talent required, do you want animations, sound design, voiceover and music to name a few.  

But its always important to remember that corporate video content is always about generating real world business results so its important to try and ascertain what the value of solving this problem is to your business and then thinking how much you would reasonably invest in video production to help solve it, as a basic budget barometer.  

Check out our blog on how to build a corporate video production budget here.

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mhf creative's efforts resulted in an impactful video. Despite the hectic timeline, the team managed to deliver. They were optimistic, communicative, and went the extra mile to keep improving the product's quality.

Amy Stephens

Head of Marketing & PR Thoughtworks
Expedia Logo

"Genuinely nice people. Open, honest, helpful, nice to talk to. Costing is completely reasonable considering the high standard of output, never have to go back and forth negotiating."

Sarah Dewick

Senior Brand Marketing Manager, Expedia
Hyve Logo

They’re good at communication and hitting deadlines. Event planning is a really difficult industry to be in because things always change and we have very quick turnaround times. However, they’re great at meeting our deadlines, and they’re always willing to adapt.

Lucy Green

Marketing Hyve
Nubreed logo

Fully sold out 2020 conference (over 2000 people and 50+ vendors). MHF play a huge part in the overall marketing of this event so we feel their work is integral.

Joe Wicks

CEO Nubreed Events
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