Employer Brand and Marketing Video Campaign - Cass Art


Cass Art Brand Story Video

The narrative is centered around the Cass Art mission as a company run by creatives for creatives.

Employer Branding Video Content

Cass Art is a unique place to work, where our mission underpins our company ethos and to show this in action we filmed this video showcasing the Cass Art Festival which is specifically set up to showcase the work of their employees and students and to fulfil their mission of 'Filling this Town With Artists'

Cass art employee

Employer Branding Video -Hoxton Art Show

Shot on location in East London this exhibition 'Visions' showcases 150 works of art from 150 Cass Art employees. The video features the exhibitors discussing their art as well as why they work at Cass Art and what they most enjoy about their role and being a part of the Cass Art mission.


Influencer Partnership Video

This video was made to raise awareness across social media of the "pick up a pen and draw" campaign to inspire everyone during "Doodle Day" to get involved and start creating their own Doodle.  It features Sam Cox AKA The Doodle Man talking about his passion for doodling.

Event and panel discussion video content

We filmed at a number of art shows that Cass Art held in London as well as a panel discussion to promote the BP Portrait Artist of The Year,

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