Interactive Video: Engage, Educate, And Convert Your Audience

23rd October 2023

So you’re interested in creating a promotional video campaign to boost brand awareness, launch a new product or engage with your audience.

But do you know all of the options that are available to you beyond the standard video formats?

Specifically, interactive video is an immersive new concept which has slowly been gaining momentum in recent years. Giving the chance for your audience to participate in the video narrative, interactive video offers promising results in terms of increased engagement rates and conversions.

MHF Creative is a leading UK-based video production agency and our services also include the creation of interactive video content.

New to all things interactive video? Here is what you need to know, including how to incorporate interactive content within your next promotional video production. 

What Is Interactive Video?

Interactive videos include features which involve the user to create a more immersive experience than is typically the case when watching a standard video. For instance, features such as choice selections, quizzes or similar options which curate the user journey, resulting in personalised content for audiences.

Research from Mobile Marketer has found that interactive videos boost viewing time by 47% while increasing purchase intent by up to 9 times.

With such glowing statistics, it is likely that interactive videos will continue to grow in popularity in the coming years. This is especially the case given the recent developments in VR and AI, which have allowed marketers to push the boundaries of creative media in new and innovative ways.  

Elements Of Interactive Video

Within each interactive video type, customisable elements can include choice-based interactives, hotspots, pop-ups, multiple endings and real-time feedback.

Depending on the objectives of the campaign and the target audience, the most appropriate interactive features can be selected.

For instance, a product matching video may use choice-based interactives to help customers choose the most suitable item for their requirements. 

What Do You Use Interactive Video Production For?

The beauty of interactive videos is that they can be custom-made to suit any commercial aim.

So whether you’re a retailer wanting to create a curated shopping experience, or if you’re an education provider in search of engaging learning techniques, interactive video really does offer something for everyone.

Since interactive videos are put together piece by piece, this gives unlimited potential to explore new concepts and ideas. As a creative video agency, we can bring any ideas to life within an interactive format. 

Types Of Interactive Video

  • Build your adventure

  • Educational training

  • Gamification

  • Product finder video

  • Sales consultation

  • Shoppable content 

  • Quizzes

These are some of the most popular types of interactive video, though this list is far from exhaustive! 

Integration With Technology

Interactive video isn’t just for YouTube or even website video embeds. Instead, it can be integrated with VR, AR and gamification methods.

This can produce content such as augmented reality product catalogues, educational gamification, employee training and simulation and virtual tours with interactive videos.

Creating advanced interactive video content requires a broad knowledge of AR or VR development, game design and general video production. However, this does demonstrate the sheer possibility of interactive video, especially where there is the budget to explore all potential in terms of technology and formats.  

Why You Should Include Interactive Videos In Your Marketing Strategy

As noted above, there are many favourable statistics relating to interactive video content. However, on a basic level, interactive video offers viewers a new and exciting format to explore.

Not only is interactive video unique to each brand, but it can also help businesses to set themselves apart from competitors.

Take interactive product videos as one such example. If a customer is able to design their own product configuration, this essentially brings the product showroom into their living room. Compared to static social media images, or even videos which don’t represent their setup, interactive video allows for a far more personalised experience.

Whatever your business happens to do, interactive video can create that same tailored experience to generate a higher level of engagement with your products or services. 

Challenges And Future Trends

If recent developments in AI are anything to go by, it’s fair to say that technology including interactive videos is constantly evolving. While this is great in terms of potential capabilities, it’s essential that your videos and audience are able to keep up.

Some common challenges to overcome with interactive video can include device compatibility, scalability, production costs and ensuring that the content remains accessible.

While each of these challenges is different in nature, an experienced video agency such as the team here at MHF Creative can work to solve these on your behalf.

Plus, as interactive technology enthusiasts, keeping on top of challenges and trends is all part of the service! 


Interactive video infuses innovative technology with brand video production. Resulting in fully immersive audience participation, interactive videos create a personalised experience for viewers. All of which is designed to boost engagement, brand loyalty and ultimately conversions.

With endless formats to explore, interactive video offers untold potential for any brand wanting to make a lasting impression on its audience. 

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