Navigating Fintech: Exploring Video Explainers for Consumers

26th February 2024

Video explainers can provide a personalised walkthrough of your fintech product and features to provide a seamless onboarding experience. A great explainer video can even save costs elsewhere in the business due to reducing the strain on customer service and even lowering churn. 

Whether your fintech product relates to payment transfer services, mobile banking, investing, credit score analysis or another fintech niche, there are endless ways that video explainers can be used throughout the sales funnel to attract and retain your customers. 

MHF Creative is a fintech video agency which specialises in the production of fintech explainer videos. We’ve created video content for some of the most recognisable names in financial products and services. 

For fintech companies yet to tap into the potential of a fintech explainer video, here are just some of the benefits to be gained from doing so. 

Understanding the Complexities of Fintech

While fintech products offer innovative solutions for customers, they can contain complex interfaces or information which can be challenging to navigate. If users can’t understand the product, this may result in negative outcomes such as not upgrading to a paid version, switching to a competitor or disengaging altogether. 

Regardless of the hurdles that need to be overcome, video can be used to directly address the issue through engaging product walkthroughs and demonstrations. All while incorporating the need to emphasise brand positioning plus anything else of importance to the campaign. 

The Role of Video Explainers in Consumer Education

Getting down to basics, the reason why any of us watch explainer videos is because we need help understanding how to do something. Video offers one of the most tangible ways of delivering an explanation, not least as videos can also be made accessible to all audiences. 

Now think about the potential of video explainers in terms of a topic relating to your fintech product that could benefit from a walkthrough or more detailed explanation. This could be a particular issue which results in the most customer queries, or maybe you simply want to maximise conversions. 

Any bottlenecks can easily be explained within an explainer video quite succinctly, including through short-form explainer videos. Likewise, explainer videos detailing how your product works or its overall benefits can also act as an elevator pitch to convert users into customers elsewhere on your website. 

Take a look at this video explainer we created for Payhawk as an example. Even if you’ve never heard of the platform before, all of the key information about what the product offers is delivered effectively in just a matter of seconds. 

Overall, video is one of the best ways to simplify complex financial products, all without losing the audience in the process. 

Crafting Effective Video Explainers for Fintech

As we’ve established, the best way to break down complex topics is to keep things simple. 

In terms of producing fintech videos, some of the most effective strategies include using visual aids and graphics accompanied by a well-written script. By curating the content, audiences won’t get overwhelmed with information and will also receive the exact explanation they were in search of. 

Including real-life scenarios can also turn a video explainer video into a piece of content which feels like it is made exclusively for the customer. That’s because it directly addresses their wants and needs. The title and overall direction of the video can be based on common customer queries for this exact purpose. 

Distribution Channels for Video Explainers

Video explainers can be embedded into your own website and app, as well as shared on your social media channels. In particular, explainer videos are fantastic for including within FAQ sections to really offer up a helpful explanation on any given topic. 

When videos are uploaded to platforms such as YouTube, Instagram TikTok or LinkedIn, there are also endless opportunities to make the videos SEO-friendly. By optimising video titles and descriptions, you can greatly expand the reach of your video content. 

Measuring Effectiveness and Improving Video Explainers

An extremely useful aspect of video marketing is that various analytics can be studied to improve overall effectiveness. Examples of video metrics include views, watch time duration, engagement rate, retention rate, audience demographics and social sharing information. 

Specifically, you can study how long users watch the content, when they tune out and what types of topics or content gather the most engagement. When it comes to improving video explainers, you can study the data from previous campaigns to learn what your audience engages with the most, while refining any areas for improvement. 

Overcoming Regulatory and Compliance Challenges for Fintech Explainer Videos

As a Fintech company, you will know better than anyone how important it is for your content to remain compliant with financial regulators such as the FCA. Plus instil a sense of trust and transparency for consumers. 

While these may be heavy considerations, they are actually straightforward to execute within professional video production. Simply put, the benefit of video marketing for fintech is that every aspect of the video can carefully be controlled by our team. 

The content will also be reviewed by experts before the final edit goes live. All of which ensures that any regulatory or legal compliance is met within the fintech explainer videos that we produce. 

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