B2B Video: The Key to Influencing Decision-Makers and Driving Sales

28th February 2024

In today's information-saturated marketplace, capturing the attention of B2B decision-makers is the ultimate challenge. With countless messages vying for their limited time, standing out from the noise is critical. This is where B2B video emerges as your ultimate salesperson, offering a powerful tool to exceed your commercial goals by directly impacting the decision-making process.

Why? The numbers speak for themselves

  • A 2023 Gartner study reports that 73% of B2B buyers watch videos throughout their purchase journey, highlighting the crucial role video plays in influencing decisions.
  • Wyzowl's 2023 survey found that 89% of B2B marketers say video is an important part of their marketing strategy, acknowledging its effectiveness in capturing attention and driving results.

These statistics underscore the undeniable power of video in today's B2B landscape. But simply creating a video isn't enough. It's crucial to understand how video functions as your most effective sales representative, directly impacting decision-makers:

Beyond just numbers, here's what makes B2B video your ultimate salesperson:

Direct Access to Decision-Makers:

Unlike traditional marketing methods reliant on intermediaries, video allows you to bypass gatekeepers and connect directly with key decision-makers. By strategically sharing your video content through targeted channels, you can reach the individuals who hold the power to make purchasing decisions, increasing your chances of influencing their choices.

Compelling Storytelling with Controlled Messaging:

B2B Video production allows you to craft a captivating narrative that engages decision-makers on an emotional level. By showcasing real-world applications, customer success stories, and impactful data visualisations, you can communicate your value proposition in a way that resonates and persuades them to choose your solution. Crucially, you maintain complete control over the message, ensuring it's always on brand and aligns perfectly with your marketing strategy.  Gone are the days of worrying about sales reps deviating from the script or off-brand messaging creating confusion. B2B video allows you to craft a single, meticulously-controlled message that resonates with your target audience.  B2B video empowers you with complete creative control over how you present your services to decision-makers. You can shape the narrative, highlight key features, and address any potential objections, ensuring a consistent and impactful brand experience.

Tailored Video Content for Every Stage Of Your Sales Funnel:

The power of B2B video extends beyond just the initial pitch. You can create targeted video content for every stage of your sales funnel, from engaging explainer videos to compelling customer testimonials. This allows you to address specific needs and concerns throughout the decision-making journey, maximising your chances of conversion.

Tailoring Video Messages for Industry Decision-Makers

Every business has commercial aims for its marketing content whether as a startup or a fully fledged company. Whatever stage of the journey you are at, your video content can be used to support your goals, not least in pitching to investors, stakeholders, directors, government bodies and any other organisation or individual which matters to your company. 

Since the video will be subject to meticulous planning, the messaging and overall direction of the content can be fully curated down to the finest detail within the edit.

It may also be the case that the message you are looking to convey has simply fallen flat within other mediums. Instead, allow video to reinvent your brand storytelling, demonstrations or explanations so that they truly connect with your target audience in the most impactful of ways. 

Concise and Efficient Communication:

Decision-makers are busy individuals with limited time and attention spans. Video's ability to condense complex information into a concise and engaging format is a key advantage. You can present your message clearly, effectively, and memorably within minutes, maximising your impact and increasing the likelihood of consideration.

Building Trust and Credibility:

Video humanises your brand and allows you to build trust with decision-makers. Featuring client testimonial videos from satisfied customers, industry experts, or even video content featuring your own team members can add credibility and social proof to your message, influencing their perception and fostering a positive brand image.

Scalable and Measurable Impact:

Video content can be easily shared across various platforms like social media, email marketing, and industry websites, reaching a global audience of decision-makers.  With video content you can easily optimise the video into any language that you need - this is especially helpful if you are trying to target and engage new worldwide markets.   Additionally, video analytics tools allow you to track engagement metrics like viewership duration, call-to-action clicks, and website traffic, providing valuable insights into how your video is impacting the decision-making process.

Leveraging Full Service Video Production in the B2B Market

If a piece of video content is going to represent your brand, and if it also has an important job of engaging or persuading decision-makers, the end result needs to check every box and then some. Full-service video production companies can help you do that, ensuring the location, camera setup, sound, direction and editing are aligned with your industry, brand positioning and target audience within the B2B sector. 

Distribution Strategies for Maximum Impact & Measuring Success

The power of B2B video content is not restricted to the content itself. That’s because video can be distributed across endless platforms to reach the right people with the right messaging. 

Video platforms can be selected based on where your target decision-makers can be found. A popular choice is YouTube, which is free to use while offering excellent SEO-friendliness. YouTube is owned by Google meaning videos index on search engines quickly. Plus there is also the ability to optimise video titles and descriptions with your B2B audience in mind.  

Alternatively, social media networks can also be used to reach your target audience through video, including using organic or paid strategies. One of the best social media channels to connect with decision-makers is LinkedIn. In particular, paid search offers a segmented approach to B2B video marketing for increased effectiveness. 

Since it’s a safe bet that your target decision-makers have an email address, email marketing shouldn’t be overlooked as a video distribution tool either. With Statista predicting email marketing will generate $17.9bn of revenue for businesses by 2027, pairing an email campaign with the highly tangible format of video is yet another method of maximising impact.

All of the above marketing channels also have built-in analytics tools so that you can identify any success trends to refine your overall strategy. 

The Future of B2B Video Content Marketing

Video content marketing already offers incredible value in terms of being able to be viewed on any device, any time and even anywhere. But with the recent developments in AI, AR and now spatial computing due to inventions such as the Apple Vision Pro, there has never been a more exciting time for brands to invest in video production services. 

Simply put, new emerging technology is finding extremely innovative ways to deliver video. When wanting to reach decision-makers especially, the ability to leverage the latest technology means that B2B video marketing continues to grow in value by the day. 

At MHF Creative video production company London, our team closely follows all new emerging trends and capabilities so that we continue to evolve as a full service creative video production company. All of this means your campaigns will benefit from the most contemporary insights to help you reach decision-makers more effectively than ever before. 

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