Finding My Voice: Empowering All Stories Through Video

8th March 2024

On this International Women's Day, a day celebrating women's achievements and promoting gender equality, I'm reminded of my own journey to find and use my voice.

Growing up in a large family, it was easy for my voice to get lost. I became used to not speaking up, thinking my perspective didn't matter as much as others. As a young woman, this struggle continued in school. During a presentation, I was so intimidated about sharing my voice that the words literally wouldn't come out (nada, nothing). I had literally lost my ability to speak up, from years of convincing myself no one wanted to listen to me.

Looking back, those early experiences highlight how many women and other underrepresented groups feel unheard, undervalued, and afraid to share their authentic stories, especially in workplaces and leadership roles traditionally dominated by men.

Too often in organisations, it's the loudest few voices that get attention while the majority diligently work but believe their voices matter less. But if you only amplify a select few, perspectives, how can you truly try to build an inclusive culture that connects with the diverse experiences of your entire workforce and customer base?

It was when I joined MHF video production agency that I realised the transformative power video had in giving every voice a platform, including and especially amplifying women's voices. Compared to other mediums, video offers a visceral and immersive experience that allows stories to be shared in the most authentic way possible - through visuals, expressions, and the raw emotion conveyed by the storyteller themselves. Ultimately, each person's narrative, their unique viewpoint, relatable struggle, or inspiring journey, has the ability to resonate deeply when delivered through the powerful medium of video in a way that transcends barriers. 

If you only share voices from the dominant group, how can employees from other backgrounds see themselves represented?

What they truly crave is representation - seeing someone who looks like them, who speaks like them, someone they can relate to on a visceral level. They want to hear firsthand accounts, authentic stories sharing that person's journey, their lived experiences within your company walls. How do they navigate the daily rhythms of work? How have they grown and been impacted by your organisational culture?

By giving these diverse voices a platform to share their narratives in their own words, you exemplify how your culture doesn't just tolerate differences, but is actively shaped and enriched by the varied backgrounds, perspectives, and identities present. When underrepresented individuals see themselves mirrored back through these powerful stories, it's an affirmation that their experiences are valid, valued, and woven into the fabric of your organisation.

By creating this inclusive environment where every story can belong, you forge deeper connections that transcend demographics. You cultivate a workforce that feels truly seen, heard, and empowered to bring their full, authentic selves to the table each day

As a woman in the male-dominated UK video production industry, I want to make it my mission to create a safe space for people to be their authentic, true selves. A space where they feel empowered, not frightened by the camera, and can shape the narrative of what they want to say. Too often, marginalised voices are silenced or rewritten by the dominant perspectives. But through video, I aim to reclaim those stories, preserving the raw, personal truth in each person's own words.

This realisation of driving inclusion drives my work in our video production company - using this medium to amplify the diverse narratives that bring organisations to life. To empower every voice, story and authentic perspective longing to be heard and seen, regardless of gender, race, age or background.

When you create an inclusive space for all voices, you forge connections across roles and demographics. You inspire others to find their voice and share their truth fearlessly. And you cultivate a richer, more innovative culture where everyone feels they belong.

On this International Women's Day, I'm reminded of the young girl who temporarily lost her voice, and I celebrate the woman whose purpose is empowering others to boldly share their stories. My commitment is using video to give every voice, especially those too often marginalised, the platform it deserves. Because inclusion is not just a moral imperative, it's a catalyst for organisational success.


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