Deconstructed Animation vs. Screen Recording Animation for Your SaaS Platform

9th May 2024

Introduction to Animation in SaaS Marketing

As the founder of a video production company specialising in animation for SaaS platforms, I’ve witnessed a noticeable uptick in brands seeking not only the standard 2D explainer story video but also animation of the software itself, with a significant demand for animated explainer videos. These videos are a powerful tool in capturing the core of a brand's identity and effectively achieving marketing goals through unique and engaging storytelling.

Marketers now grasp the significance of crafting diverse video content tailored to various stages of the customer journey. It has evolved beyond merely raising brand awareness to educating and engaging clients about the platform’s features. The brand that educates its target audience most effectively and engagingly emerges as a trusted source of information. Our animated video production services are designed to meet this need, creating custom-animated explanatory videos that help build brand awareness, increase sales, and reach the target audience effectively.

The two most popular types of animation that brands request aside from the explainer video type are deconstructed animation and screen recording animation - but how do you know which one is best to use for which goals or objectives or budget?

In this blog, I’ll explore where each animation style fits best, how they contribute to different marketing funnel stages, and why they’re invaluable tools for capturing and retaining user interest.

Image depicting a sleek SaaS platform interface, with vibrant colors and intuitive design elements

Deconstructed Animation: Capturing Attention at the Top of the Funnel

The rise in popularity of deconstructed animation stems from various factors. With attention spans decreasing, the challenge of keeping viewers engaged grows. Deconstructed animation excels here specifically as a top of the funnel marketing tool. Whether as a standalone video or integrated into live action footage to emphasize key points, it effectively maintains viewer attention and enhances engagement. Its minimalist design and abstract visuals diverge from traditional animation, naturally grabbing attention.  This technique is part of our broader animated video services offered by MHF, encompassing a wide range of video production capabilities tailored to meet specific your goals.

Furthermore, deconstructed animation isn’t limited to only top of the funnel. Its effectiveness extends down the marketing journey. Its engaging nature and ability to convey complex ideas make it suitable for guiding potential customers from awareness to conversion.

Why Does It Work?

The effectiveness of deconstructed animation lies in its ability to distill intricate ideas into visually captivating representations. By presenting information in a simplified and visually appealing manner, deconstructed animation succeeds in sparking curiosity and intrigue among potential customers. Whether utilised in sales videos, social media ads, or landing page animations, deconstructed animation serves as a compelling means to draw viewers in and initiate engagement.

Moreover, as audiences become increasingly sophisticated, there is a growing demand for content that is not only visually appealing but also intellectually stimulating. Deconstructed animation excels in this regard, as it encourages viewers to interpret and engage with the visuals on a deeper level, fostering a sense of curiosity and intrigue.

Furthermore, deconstructed animation's versatility and ability to convey complex ideas in a concise and visually compelling manner make it well-suited for online distribution. Its minimalist design allows for quicker loading times and smoother playback, essential factors for online content consumption where attention spans are limited. Additionally, the abstract visuals of deconstructed animation make it inherently shareable, as it stands out amidst the clutter of social media feeds. Overall, these qualities make deconstructed animation a perfect fit for digital platforms, enabling content creators to reach a global audience effectively.


When considering the costs associated with deconstructed animation, understanding the video production process is crucial. This process, which includes steps such as scriptwriting, storyboarding, and animation, significantly influences budgeting. Familiarity with the video production process can aid in managing expectations and costs, especially since the complexity of the animation itself plays a significant role. More intricate animations with detailed visuals and movements typically require more time and resources, consequently increasing the overall cost. Additionally, factors such as the length of the animation, the level of customisation, and the expertise of the animators involved can also influence costs. Furthermore, considerations such as licensing fees for software tools and any additional services required, such as voiceovers or sound effects, can contribute to the total expenses. However, despite these potential costs, investing in deconstructed animation can offer significant returns by effectively capturing audience attention, enhancing brand visibility, and conveying complex ideas in a visually compelling manner. The key here is to work with your video production agency and make them clear on the video goals from the beginning, what does the video need to achieve in terms of business results and they can help you tailor the video content strategy to your goals and budget.


Image showing a man beside a deconstructed representation of an activity, visually representing the ease of use and efficiency of our SaaS platform

Screen Recording Animation: Driving Engagement and Conversions

In the journey through the marketing funnel, as potential customers move closer to making purchasing decisions, screen recording animation emerges as a pivotal tool for driving engagement and conversions further down the customer journey. Unlike deconstructed animation, which tends towards abstract representations, screen recording animation offers a more tangible demonstration of your SaaS platform’s capabilities. This expertise in screen recording animation is part of our broader capability to create animated videos for various purposes, ensuring engaging, clear, and concise content that effectively communicates your message.

Why It's Different?

Screen recording animation provides viewers with a real-time glimpse into how your platform operates in a practical context. By showcasing the platform's features and functionality in action, screen recording animation offers a deeper understanding of its capabilities and benefits. Whether used in product demos, tutorials, or user testimonials, screen recording animation creates an interactive and engaging experience that resonates with potential customers.

Moreover, screen recording animation serves as a bridge between showcasing and action. It offers viewers a practical understanding of how your platform addresses their needs and resolves pain points, empowering them to make informed decisions. Through our video production agency, we prioritise the strategic use of screen recording animation to deliver authentic and compelling content that resonates with audiences, driving meaningful engagement and fostering lasting connections with potential customers.


When evaluating the costs associated with screen recording animation, it's important to note that it is generally less complex compared to deconstructed animation. This simplicity often translates to lower production costs, as screen recording requires capturing actions performed on a computer screen rather than creating intricate visual designs from scratch. As a result, screen recording animation tends to be significantly more cost-effective, making it an attractive option for businesses with budget constraints. Despite its lower complexity, screen recording animation remains an effective tool for showcasing software functionality, guiding users through processes, and delivering engaging content to audiences.

Screen recording of a function within a SaaS platform

Strategic Placement in the Marketing Funnel

Our expertise as an animated video production company enables us to strategically place content within the marketing funnel. As a forward-thinking video production agency, we emphasize the strategic placement of content within the marketing funnel. By harnessing the power of both deconstructed animation and screen recording animation at strategic points throughout the customer journey, we’ve significantly elevated our clients’ SaaS marketing strategies. This capability to create videos that align with specific marketing objectives further illustrates our strategic approach.

We believe in utilizing video and animation as strategic tools to help achieve your business objectives. As your video production agency, we collaborate closely with you from the outset to understand why you’re seeking to create a SaaS animation. Depending on your business goals, we provide tailored recommendations for the most effective approach, both in the short and long term.

It’s important to recognize that video is not a one-size-fits-all asset. Each type of animation offers its own unique benefits and advantages.

Marketing Funnel


In conclusion, as a leading animated video company and video animation company, our strategic deployment of animation, including deconstructed animation and screen recording animation, can significantly elevate your SaaS marketing funnel. Our expertise in animated video production places us among the top animated video production companies, ensuring high-quality, original, and engaging content that meets a diverse range of client needs across different industries. However, the effectiveness of each animation style depends on your specific marketing objectives and what you aim to achieve. Whether your goal is to enhance brand awareness, drive conversions, or aid the sales process, leveraging deconstructed animation to capture attention and generate awareness at the top of the funnel, and harnessing screen recording animation to drive engagement and conversions as customers move down the line, can craft a cohesive and impactful marketing strategy. This video strategy guides potential customers towards becoming loyal users of your SaaS platform, ultimately fostering growth and success.

Author Bio

Matt Haley is the Creative Director of MHF Creative, a leading video production agency founded in 2013 with a mission to Make Human Film.

With a background in animation, Matt began his career honing his craft across brand, agency, and broadcast platforms. It was during his time at Burberry as an animator and editor that Matt recognised the transformative power of video for brands to become broadcasters in their own right.

Leveraging his skills in animation and editing, along with his extensive network, Matt is dedicated to making high-quality, impactful video content accessible for businesses of all sizes.

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