The benefits that video content marketing can bring to your business

31st July 2020

Video has become one of the most important parts of marketing, promotional and brand strategies over the past 20 years, but what makes video so important?  What role does it play in growing a company, product or service?  We take a look at why video is so important and why we recommend companies priorities it.


Why is video content so important?


  • It helps brands and businesses tell their story

Corporate video enables brands and businesses to go beyond their product and service and share their brand story in a way that will connect with their audience on a more human and emotional level.  By sharing the rich tapestry of stories that make up your brand, your culture, your values and your people, you are inviting the audience into your world, sharing stories that reflect their own world view,  painpoints, aspirations and motivations helping you to build a more meaningful relationship with them for years to come.

There are lots of ways to share your brand story, through the use of blogs, podcasts and interviews but video content is one of the best ways to capture not only the narrative but the emotion of the story and it achieves this through the use of music, colour, visuals all of which combined create a deeper engagement.


  • It can expand audience reach 

Video is an inherently shareable form of content, more so than the written word.  By making video content for your business you can share this across social media platforms and through paid ads enabling you to reach a passive audience who where potentially unaware of your brand or service.  Video content also enables better engagement as your audience will watch it for a longer period of time which then pushes the algorthyms to prioritise your video content and push it out to a larger audience.  


  • Its great at building trust

A great corporate video doesnt just generate brand awareness and product exposure, its also brilliant at helping to build trust in the eyes of your target audience.  A great strategy to achieve this is through the creation of customer testimonial videos.  These are videos that are centred around one of your successful clients or existing employees, their story, their business problem, their experience of working with you and the results or impact delivered.  They are great at building trust as they offer a credible third party voice sharing a story that will be both relateable and resonsant with the desired audience you are seeking to attract and convert.


  • Its great at educating your audience

Video content is great at educating your audience on your product or service.  According to Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing Survey 68% of people say they’d like to learn about a new product or service by watching a short video.A popular way of simplifying complexity is through the use of an animated explainer video like this one we made for Kingspan which cuts to the core of a problem or need and seamlessly guides the viewer through the process in an engaging way that will provide a much better customer expereince in comparison with a dry instruction manual.  It can also be translated into any language making it a highly accessible and sustainable form of content that is also environmentally friendly.


  • It delivers business results

68% of marketers say video has a better return on investment than Google Ads.  Biteable 2021.  Video content is the most trackable form of content so you can easily analyse your ROI and engagement stats as well as refine what worked and what didnt for future video campaigns.  The key to delivering video which generates results is to be clear from the beginning the metrics and results you are seeking to achieve.  This could range from increasing awareness with a % views or you could measure engagement by looking at how long the viewers watched the video or you go beyond these metrics and review the actions and conversion as a result of a video on your landing page. 

What is video used for?

Video content is a highly agile medium and there are many different types of video that you can use as part of your video marketing strategy:

Videos as part of a content marketing strategy

The beauty of video content is its such a highly versatile tool to use as part of your content marketing strategy.  It can be used across multiple platforms such as your website, email marketing, paid advertising, presentations and social media.  It can also be optimised to turn the transcript from your video into a blog on your website or a podcast, repurposed into short social media teaser clips.  It is highly accessible to a global audience and can be translated into multiple language through the use of subtitles.

How important is video on social media?

Making video content to share on the social media channels where your audience hangs out is crucial as this is where you can engage them with video content that is valuable to them. 

Sharing video content across social media is about sharing your authentic voice and inviting your audience into your world and providing them with content that is valauable to them and their lives.  For this reason it is critical that you know your target audience inside out so you can make video content that they will want to watch and share.  The type of social media video that you will create for a Linkedin professional B2B audience should be very different to the video content that you would create for an audience on Instagram or Tik Tok, but in all cases it needs to have value to the audience you are seeking to engage otherwise it just becomes noise.  

Done well social media video can enable your video to be shared with other social media users generating more audience reach and awareness and driving people back to your website.

What we do.

We are a video production company that specialises in making corporate films more human helping you to connect better with your audience with content that is both relateable and inspires action.  No matter what your business need, we can help you find the creative video solution that helps drive your business objectives.