Top tips to help you nail your on camera interview

17th March 2021

We understand that not everyone enjoys speaking on camera and for many, it can feel a bit daunting. But we want you to feel as comfortable and prepared as possible for your ‘close up’, so here are our Top 5 Tips for nailing your on-camera interview.


Wear an outfit that you feel super comfortable in and that enables you to feel your most confident authentic self. We would advise wearing clothing that is lightweight and non-restrictive because the lights in the studio can get quite hot!

Busy patterns and stripes are an absolute no on video. And avoid wearing colours such as red and black or colours that are too close to your skin tone.

If you’re not sure what will look best on screen, please feel free to bring a choice of clothes to the studio and change if necessary.

Always give the viewer context in your answer 

It’s important to note that you won’t hear the questions being asked in the final video, so you’ll need to give the audience a full context of the question being asked within your answer. For example, we may ask a question such as: “What’s your favourite movie?” Instead of just telling us the film title, you need to answer by including parts of the question in your answer. For example: “My favourite film is Back to the Future, because…” This enables the viewer to fully understand what you are talking about.

Sharp, short and concise answers

Attention spans are getting lower and lower and with so much content available online it’s important to get your message across in a quick and dynamic way.  Therefore, we recommend you get straight to the point and really think about what the viewer needs to hear, learn or act on. It’s all about them, not you! So always take an audience-first approach when answering your questions, with sharp, short and concise answers that get their attention and keep them interested. 

Mistakes are cool

We don’t want you to sound like you’ve memorised a script because it will come across unnatural and forced. So, whilst we would advise prepping some key points in advance to the questions, we want you to shoot from the hip and answer from your heart. We don’t care if you mess up or stumble over your words or even go blank because we will do a number of takes on each answer on the day. And sometimes these real-life slip-ups or reactions actually end up ‘making’ the video.  

We’re here to make you look good

It’s our job to make you look and feel good on camera, as well as crafting a video that delivers on its objectives for your audience. Don’t take offence if we give you direction or feedback before and after each take – it’s our job to do that, and sometimes we have to be critical to be kind to ensure we get the best shot and make you look good on film.

We are mhf. We make human films and we look forward to making yours.