Video Marketing for Corporate Travel: Attract High-Value Travelers & Engage Busy Travel Managers

4th April 2024

Corporate Travel Marketing: Captivate Travelers & Empower Managers with Video

Forget one-size-fits-all marketing. Today's corporate travel landscape demands excellence for both high-value travelers (think unforgettable experiences) and travel managers (streamlined booking, robust duty of care).

Here's where video becomes your secret weapon. This guide equips you to create targeted video content that sparks wanderlust and showcases your cutting-edge technology, resonating with both audiences.

In this guide, you'll discover:

  • Make Business Travelers Crave Adventure with Captivating Videos & Destination Marketing
  • Win Over Travel Managers: Showcasing Tech with Videos
  • Build Trust with Videos: Showcasing Your Travel Experts
  • Hook Viewers Fast: Create Engaging Video Content
  • Partner with a Video Production Agency and Get Top-Quality Corporate Travel Videos

Whether you're looking to attract lucrative business from frequent high flyers or forge long-term relationships with major corporations, this guide will equip you with a complete video marketing blueprint to gain the competitive edge in corporate travel.

The Unbeatable Power of Video Marketing for Corporate Travel

Ignite Wanderlust: Visual Storytelling for Business Travelers

Today's frequent business travelers crave far more than just discounted airfare and nice hotel rooms. They're experience-driven, seeking curated local adventures and immersive cultural escapes from their corporate grind. This is where your video content can make all the difference.

Leverage Captivating Destination Content

  • Take viewers on a virtual tour of your most popular locales through richly produced destination videos brimming with stunning visuals and local vibrance. Highlight unique experiences like "Culinary Delights in Tokyo" or "Weekend Wellness Retreats in Bali."
  • Partner with local videographers or video production companies, influencers, and experience providers to capture the true essence and hidden gem adventures in each destination.
  • Edit with a narrative arc, guiding the viewer through the sights, sounds, flavors and energy of each locale in a way that sparks insatiable wanderlust.

Infuse Your Brand Story

  • After immersing your viewer in the destination, reinforce how your brand brings these experiences to life through tailored travel services. Highlight your travel advisors' expertise and focus on bespoke, flawless itineraries.
  • Incorporate glowing testimonials from satisfied travelers, creating social proof and trust.

With this emotive storytelling approach, your videos will captivate road warriors yearning for unforgettable trips intertwined with work obligations.

Empowering Travel Managers: Tech Mastery Videos

While indulgent visual experiences seduce business travelers, travel managers at major corporations are more motivated by the promise of streamlined efficiencies and comprehensive duty of care. This is where showcasing your innovative tech capabilities becomes paramount.

Product Demo Videos

  • Take travel managers on a guided tour of your user-friendly online booking tools with a screen recording product demo, showcasing the seamless ability to book flights, hotels, activities and more in a single platform.
  • Produce visually-engaging mobile app demos highlighting your robust expense management solutions that empower on-the-go receipt capture, spend tracking, and simplified expensing processes.

Security & Compliance Videos

  • Travel managers are hyper-focused on keeping travelers safe while navigating stringent corporate policies. Speak to this through compelling duty of care and risk management videos spotlighting your capabilities like real-time location tracking, embedded travel advisories, automated check-ins and more.
  • Data visualisation and motion graphics can elevate the visual presentation of complex data on travel spend, risks, approvals processes and more.

By marrying stunning visuals with clear explanations of your product's unique value propositions tailored for each use case, your videos instill confidence in travel managers that your solutions meet all their needs.

Forging Human Connections: Highlight Your Experts

In corporate travel, personal relationships founded on trust and expertise are paramount for building long-term partnerships. Your videos provide a powerful channel to humanise your brand by showcasing the passionate travel professionals behind your services.

Introducing Your Travel Concierge Team

  • Film warm, welcoming introductions of your most seasoned travel advisors, translating their wealth of expertise and insider knowledge in destinations worldwide.
  • Have advisors discuss their philosophy on curating bespoke VIP-level experiences, ability to deftly handle complex requirements, commitment to proactive communication and more.
  • Weave in anecdotes that convey their valuable personal relationships cultivated with travel managers over years of collaborative program management.

Client Testimonial Videos

  • Build credibility and social proof by capturing glowing testimonials from real travel managers and C-suite high flyers you've delighted through outstanding service and innovation.
  • Keep these testimonial videos succinct and focused on spotlighting key impact metrics and results achieved through leveraging your solutions.

By exemplifying your organisation's human capital and commitment to partnership, these videos position you as the trusted travel experts able to delight all stakeholders.

Mastering the Creation Process

Now that you understand the power of strategically targeting multiple audiences, it's time to ensure your video execution shines. Follow these best practices to create attention-grabbing, engaging video assets:

Keep Videos Snappy & Audience-Optimised

  • With shrinking attention spans, strive to hook viewers in the first 5-10 seconds through crisp editing, dynamic visuals and clear messaging
  • Optimise your storytelling with techniques like succinct text overlays, animated graphics, and burned-in subtitles to enhance mobile and silent viewership
  • End with a clear call-to-action driving viewers to your website or a consultation booking page

Spotlight Your Technology Differentiation

  • Don't hold back on showcasing your latest tech innovations and AI-powered functionality through elegant product demos and motion graphics
  • Consider producing screen recordings showcasing user flows through your desktop and mobile apps to highlight standout UX
  • For complex back-end features like risk analysis algorithms, data visualisation can translate capabilities clearly

Quality Production is Key

  • While tools like smartphones enable decent video recording today, partnering with an experienced corporate video production agency elevates your output exponentially through professional equipment, technical skills, and creative expertise.
  • Shortlist top video production companies with specific experience in your industry and a portfolio showing mastery of corporate storytelling, product demos, and data visualisation.

By executing a targeted, high-quality video marketing strategy focused on the core needs of your distinct audiences, you showcase your corporate travel brand as the innovative, trusted choice able to deliver unmatched travel experiences and best-in-class technology solutions.

In today's digital age where demands are high and options are endless, corporate travel brands leveraging the persuasive power of video across all channels gain the ultimate competitive advantage. By immersing through visual storytelling, educating through technical demos, and humanising through thought leader profiles, you not only captivate all stakeholders but forge lasting partnerships built on deep understanding.

The road to differentiation in this hyper-competitive market begins with hitting "record."

Are you ready to elevate your corporate travel marketing and claim your brand's leading industry position?

Then it's time to harness the magnetic power of video to attract the most coveted clients.

The Power of Partnering with a Professional Corporate Video Agency

While you may have an in-house video team, partnering with an experienced corporate video production agency can elevate your output exponentially. The most elite agencies bring unmatched skills in translating your value proposition and nuanced audience needs into stunning, high-impact video content.

When evaluating potential video partners, prioritize those with extensive experience in the corporate travel vertical working alongside globally-recognized brands. This specialised industry expertise ensures they truly understand the unique marketing challenges of appealing to both business travelers and corporate decision makers.

For example, MHF Creative has produced countless video campaigns for stalwarts like American Express Global Business Travel, Expedia Group, and Egencia. This includes Live Action and explainer videos seamlessly blending compelling human narratives with immaculate product depictions, as well as Software Walkthroughs that allow the viewer to experience software UI/UX through an intuitive screencast format synced with clear voiceover explanations.

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