Our Human Video Production Approach

Our human video production model

  • Helpful
  • Unscripted
  • Meaningful
  • Authentic
  • Non actor

These are the golden rules we apply to every corporate video production we make.  

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Our aim as your video production company is to help you achieve your business goal through the use of creative corporate video content. 

We also believe that corporate videos are not so much about your company but rather a way that you can help your audience understand what you do, what you offer and who you serve.

As your video production company we will always ask lots of questions to try and understand these key elements to help us make you a video that better serves the needs of your target audience


Your corporate video is not about telling the world how great you are but rather sharing a message with a defined audience that will have meaning and value to them.  Your video content should always be designed with purpose and the needs of your audience in mind.  To do this successully you need to understand your target audience deeply, what is it that they struggle with, what are their common objections, what would be helpful for them to hear.  Its important always to remember that you do not determine value but rather your audience so when crafting your corporate video campaign you must place these people at the heart of your video production.

Non - Actors

Your corporate video needs to connect with your target audience persona therefore your video talent should be chosen carefully to reflect this type of person.  Actors are great for big flashy commercials that target a wide general audience of people from a range of background.  The best corporate videos work because they successfully hone in on a niche audience and craft their video content around a persona they want to connect and communicate with.