Meet the Makers: Etsy's Engaging Social Media Video Campaign


The client, Etsy, approached our corporate video production agency to create a series of social media videos as part of their 'Meet the Makers' campaign. The main objective of the campaign was to showcase the talented makers and creators on their platform and establish Etsy as the go-to place for buying unique, handcrafted products. Our challenge was to differentiate Etsy from other e-commerce marketplaces and create engaging content that would resonate with their target audience. Our approach involved dividing the campaign into different video types and filming each maker over the course of a day to capture their unique creative processes. We then created standalone short social media videos aligned with Etsy's values of community and sustainability, as well as content focused on the Christmas season. The videos were optimized for different social media platforms and included captions for accessibility. The end result was a batch of high-quality social media videos that successfully engaged Etsy's target audience and aligned with their brand values.

The Client's Challenges

Etsy's main challenge was to differentiate itself from other e-commerce marketplaces and position itself as the go-to platform for buying unique, handmade, and one-of-a-kind items. The company needed to showcase the quality and craftsmanship of the products sold on the platform and the personal stories of the makers and creators behind them. Etsy also needed to engage its target audience of consumers who are interested in buying special and distinctive items and build trust with them by showing the authenticity and transparency of the platform.

Additionally, Etsy faced the challenge of competing with larger e-commerce platforms that have significantly more resources and marketing budgets. The company needed to create social media video content that would resonate with its target audience and showcase the unique value proposition of the platform in a way that would stand out in a crowded and competitive marketplace. Finally, Etsy needed to ensure that the videos would be high-quality and professional, while also feeling authentic and personal to capture the spirit of the platform.

The Results

The social media video content we produced for Etsy as part of their 'Meet the Makers' video campaign was highly successful. The videos showcased the amazing makers and creators on the platform, effectively positioning Etsy as the go-to place for unique, handcrafted items.

The videos were well-received by the target audience, with engagement and views exceeding expectations. They effectively conveyed the key messaging and helped to differentiate Etsy from other e-commerce marketplaces.