Customer Case Study Video Coca Cola Consolidated

The Clients Video Production Needs

The client required a case study video featuring one of their largest and most successful B2B corporate travel clients, Coca Cola Consolidated.

They needed the video to be filmed on location in the offices of Coca Cola Consolidated in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The video needed to appeal to an audience of travel managers or procurement managers so needed to highlight the success of the program, the ease of launch to employees and benefits of the software.


Man walking into coca cola offices

Customer Success Video For Egencia featuring Coca Cola Consolidated US.

Our Video Production Approach

This Corporate video production shoot was all about maximising time.  We were already in the US filming in Nashville so to save on costs and maximise output we flew to Charlotte North Carolina to film a client case study video.

We filmed the interview with the Head of Procurement which formed the base of the narrative and then captured b-roll of  the Coca Cola offices as well as the Head of Procurement driving in his car.

We enhanced some of the key messages with animated texts and chaptered the video into digestible segments with each chapter beginning with a question that pops up on screen.

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