Coca-Cola Consolidated & Egencia: A Collaborative Success Story

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Our client, Egencia approached us with the task of creating a case study video featuring one of their largest and most successful B2B corporate travel client, Coca Cola Consolidated. The video needed to be filmed on location at the Coca Cola Consolidated offices in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA and target an audience of Travel and Procurement Managers. Additionally, the client wanted to maximize the value of their video production investment and minimise costs by coordinating with an event in Nashville that we were already filming for Egencia. 


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The Clients Challenges

As a leading travel management company, Egencia needed to effectively communicate the challenges faced by their clients and demonstrate how their solutions could address them.

With Coca Cola Consolidated as one of their largest and most successful B2B corporate travel clients, it was crucial to showcase how the Egencia solution helped a company of this size and complexity overcome their challenges.

By highlighting the benefits of the software, the ease of launch for employees, and the overall success of the program, the case study video provided an effective tool for Egencia to demonstrate their expertise and value to prospects in the travel management industry.

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The Results

The resulting customer testimonial video we produced for Egencia proved to be a valuable asset in their marketing and sales efforts. The video effectively showcased the benefits of their travel management solution and helped them build trust and credibility with potential customers. It was used as a key component of their sales collateral and was shared on their website, social media channels, and email marketing campaigns. The video received positive feedback from both internal stakeholders and external audiences, with viewers citing its clear and concise messaging, engaging visuals, and the credible testimony from Coca Cola Consolidated as particularly impactful. Overall, the video contributed to increased brand awareness and a stronger market position for Egencia.

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