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The client approached our video production company with the need to capture their two-day DevOps conference in Las Vegas through live event video production and corporate photography. The project required the filming of the attendees arriving, the speakers presenting, and the social aspect of the event, including networking and parties. In addition, the client needed high-quality corporate photography of the event and headshots of the speakers and DevOps team.


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DevOps Conference Las Vegas

Client's Challenges

The main challenge of this live event video production project was to capture the various talks, presentations, and networking sessions that were happening simultaneously throughout the two-day DevOps conference. It was important to provide comprehensive coverage of the event to showcase the wide range of activities and information available to attendees. Additionally, as the event was held in Las Vegas, the production team had to navigate a dynamic and bustling environment to ensure that they captured all of the critical moments, speakers, and interactions. Finally, the corporate photography required specific attention to detail to ensure that the headshots of the speakers and DevOps team were of the highest quality and accurately represented each individual's role within the organization.

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The Results

The final product was a dynamic and engaging video that showcased the energy and excitement of the conference. The corporate photography captured the highlights of the event and provided high-quality visuals for the client's promotional materials. The client was extremely satisfied with the end product, which met all of their needs and provided a powerful tool for marketing their future events.

Furthermore, the video production and corporate photography helped the client stand out in a competitive industry and attract a larger audience to their events. This increased exposure led to the client receiving positive feedback from attendees and industry professionals alike, further enhancing their reputation as a leader in the DevOps community.

Overall, our live event video production and corporate photography services provided the client with the high-quality content they needed to effectively promote their event and establish themselves as a top player in their industry.

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