Event & B2B Video Production Campaign

Autumn Fair


Event Promotional Video

This video showcases why visitors come to Autumn and Spring Fair.


Promotional Video

To promote their exciting new Jewellery & Watch offering, we went behind the brand of one of the exhibitors, Lukas Caspar, to give an insight of what to expect at the Autumn Fair event.

Customer Success Video Campaign

A video campaign that focuses on the stories of the real people who exhibit or buy at Autumn Fair, their connection with the show and how it impacts their positively impacts their business bringing people, products and business together, making their market.

Image from customer testimonial Video

Exhibitor Testimonial Video

This video focuses on Wraptious an art business that is based in Manchester and exhibits at Autumn Fair. The founder Simon Wadsworth talks about why he started Wraptious and why he exhibits at Autumn Fair and the special role that the visitors play in championing new upcoming artists work.

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Do you need B2B Sales Video Content

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