We Are Tea

The Client

We Are Tea are on a mission to democratise great tasting, ethical, whole leaf tea. They source the very best whole leaf tea from ethical tea estates around the world and hand pack them here in the UK as either biodegradable tea bags or as loose leaf tea.

The Challenge

We Are Tea wanted to hero their Simplicitea infuser. A clever little tool which allows you to brew the perfect cup of loose leaf tea every time. This nifty device is a core part of We Are Tea’s drive to get more people drinking great tasting whole leaf tea and they wanted to produce some content which promoted it and advanced their friendly, conversational brand at the same time.

Our Approach

We proposed the idea of using stop-motion animation and animated text to demonstrate how the Simplicitea infuser works in a fun and characterful way. Our aim was to bring the infuser to life and make a real character out of it, whilst demonstrating how easy it is to make a cup of great tasting loose leaf tea.

We began by picking an upbeat and interesting music track, something to push the video along quickly and grab the viewers attention. We then storyboarded the process of using the tea, something we wanted to do without using human hands, to give the infuser itself more character and the video a more magical feel.

We then choreographed the infuser and tea making process to the music, having it dance around the screen while waiting for the tea to brew – in reference to we are tea’s beautiful description of watching the tea leaves dance inside the infuser as they brew!

Then finally, we added fun and colourful animated text to signpost the viewer through the video and make sure they come away from it with a full understanding how the infuser works.

The Results

The video was used in a YouTube pre-roll campaign and both traffic to the website, and sales of the infuser, increased. At the time of writing the video has more than 20,000 views and has helped raise brand awareness. The video has also been used at events, pitches and master-classes to demonstrate the infuser.

We needed to create an idea for a video pretty much from scratch, from the very beginning it was easy and professional. A meeting was set up straight away where we were able to discuss ideas and what we wanted to get out of the video, where we could improve and what was possible within our budget. Very quickly it was clear that these guys knew their stuff and it was a relief and breath of fresh air to be able to leave them to it and still receive a professional piece of work exactly to our brief. Very impressed and will be using again!

Imogen Trevitt, Brand Manager